Learn 20 Expressions Related to Impatience

Impatience is a common feeling that everyone experiences at some point. It’s the restless urge to move things along, often accompanied by frustration. Learning expressions related to impatience can help you better express these feelings in English. Here are 20 expressions to help you articulate your impatience more effectively.

1. On Pins and Needles

Meaning: Very anxious
Example: I’m on pins and needles waiting for my results.

2. Bite the Bullet

Meaning: Endure impatience
Example: You need to bite the bullet and wait.

3. Climb the Walls

Meaning: Extremely restless
Example: I’m climbing the walls waiting for the news.

4. Fidget with Something

Meaning: Nervously touch
Example: He fidgeted with his keys while waiting.

5. Chomp at the Bit

Meaning: Eager and impatient
Example: She’s chomping at the bit to start.

6. Get Antsy

Meaning: Become restless
Example: The kids are getting antsy during the wait.

7. Twiddle Your Thumbs

Meaning: Idle with impatience
Example: I’m just twiddling my thumbs here.

8. Jump the Gun

Meaning: Act too soon
Example: Don’t jump the gun on the project.

9. Lose Patience

Meaning: Become frustrated
Example: I lost patience with the slow service.

10. Itching to Do Something

Meaning: Very eager
Example: I’m itching to get started.

11. Be at One’s Wit’s End

Meaning: Extremely frustrated
Example: I’m at my wit’s end with this delay.

12. Drum Your Fingers

Meaning: Tap fingers impatiently
Example: He drummed his fingers on the table.

13. Gnash Your Teeth

Meaning: Show frustration
Example: She gnashed her teeth waiting for a response.

14. Hot Under the Collar

Meaning: Very irritated
Example: He got hot under the collar waiting in line.

15. Pace Back and Forth

Meaning: Walk impatiently
Example: He paced back and forth while waiting.

16. Kick Your Heels

Meaning: Wait impatiently
Example: I’m just kicking my heels here.

17. Rub Your Hands

Meaning: Nervous anticipation
Example: He rubbed his hands waiting for news.

18. Count the Minutes

Meaning: Watch time pass slowly
Example: I’m counting the minutes until it ends.

19. Tap Your Foot

Meaning: Show impatience
Example: She tapped her foot waiting for him.

20. Huff and Puff

Meaning: Express annoyance
Example: He huffed and puffed at the delay.

Expressions Related to Impatience