Learn 20 Expressions Related to Decline

Decline is a part of life that we often encounter, whether it pertains to health, popularity, or fortunes. Understanding expressions related to decline can enrich your vocabulary and enhance your communication. Here are 20 expressions that precisely capture the concept of decline.

1. Go Downhill

Meaning: Get worse.
Example: His health went downhill after the surgery.

2. Fade Away

Meaning: Disappear slowly.
Example: The memory of the event is fading away.

3. Lose Ground

Meaning: Fall behind.
Example: The company is losing ground to competitors.

4. Fall Apart

Meaning: Break into pieces.
Example: Their relationship is starting to fall apart.

5. Run Down

Meaning: Become weaker.
Example: The battery is running down quickly.

6. Drop Off

Meaning: Decrease.
Example: Sales have dropped off recently.

7. Go to Pot

Meaning: Deteriorate.
Example: The garden has gone to pot since he left.

8. Go South

Meaning: Fail or decline.
Example: The deal went south unexpectedly.

9. Break Down

Meaning: Stop functioning.
Example: The old car finally broke down.

10. Wear Out

Meaning: Become unusable.
Example: The shoes have worn out after years of use.

11. Fall Off

Meaning: Decrease in number.
Example: Attendance has fallen off dramatically.

12. Slip Away

Meaning: Gradually disappear.
Example: Opportunities are slipping away one by one.

13. Waste Away

Meaning: Gradually weaken.
Example: He’s wasting away from illness.

14. Decline In Health

Meaning: Become ill.
Example: She’s declining in health recently.

15. Sink Into

Meaning: Become worse.
Example: The country is sinking into chaos.

16. Come Apart

Meaning: Fall to pieces.
Example: The chair is coming apart at the joints.

17. Slide Back

Meaning: Regress.
Example: He’s sliding back into old habits.

18. Wither Away

Meaning: Gradually fade.
Example: Her enthusiasm withered away over time.

19. Go Bust

Meaning: Go bankrupt.
Example: Many businesses went bust last year.

20. Run Out

Meaning: Deplete.
Example: We’re running out of supplies.

Expressions Related to Decline