Learn 20 Expressions Related to Exclusion

Exclusion is a common theme in our daily interactions and conversations. Understanding expressions related to exclusion can help you navigate various social and professional situations more effectively. Here are 20 expressions that convey different aspects of exclusion, each with a short meaning and an example sentence to help you grasp their usage.

Expressions Related to Exclusion

1. Left Out

Meaning: Excluded
Example: She felt left out of the conversation.

2. Cast Aside

Meaning: Ignored or discarded
Example: His suggestions were cast aside by the team.

3. Shut Out

Meaning: Prevented from entering
Example: He was shut out of the decision-making process.

4. Turned Away

Meaning: Refused entry
Example: They were turned away at the club entrance.

5. Frozen Out

Meaning: Deliberately excluded
Example: She was frozen out of the group’s activities.

6. Sent Packing

Meaning: Dismissed
Example: He was sent packing after the argument.

7. Pushed Out

Meaning: Forced to leave
Example: He felt pushed out of the organization.

8. Left in the Cold

Meaning: Excluded from benefits
Example: He was left in the cold during promotions.

9. Brushed Off

Meaning: Dismissed rudely
Example: Her concerns were brushed off by the manager.

10. Given the Cold Shoulder

Meaning: Ignored deliberately
Example: She gave him the cold shoulder at the party.

11. Locked Out

Meaning: Prevented from accessing
Example: He was locked out of his own account.

12. Sent to Coventry

Meaning: Ignored by everyone
Example: After the incident, he was sent to Coventry.

13. Cut Off

Meaning: Disconnected or excluded
Example: She was cut off from the conversation.

14. Put Out to Pasture

Meaning: Retired or dismissed
Example: The old employee was put out to pasture.

15. Shown the Door

Meaning: Dismissed or expelled
Example: After the mistake, he was shown the door.

16. Passed Over

Meaning: Not chosen
Example: She was passed over for the promotion.

17. Sidelined

Meaning: Marginalized
Example: He felt sidelined during the project.

18. Given the Boot

Meaning: Fired or dismissed
Example: After the scandal, he was given the boot.

19. Shoved Aside

Meaning: Ignored or dismissed
Example: Her ideas were shoved aside by the committee.

20. Written Off

Meaning: Considered unimportant
Example: His contributions were written off as trivial.

Expressions Related to Exclusion