Learn 20 Expressions Related to War

War has always influenced language, creating powerful and evocative expressions that capture the intensity of conflict. These expressions are often used metaphorically in everyday conversation. Here are 20 expressions related to war, each with a short meaning and an example sentence to help you understand their usage.

1. Bite the Bullet

Meaning: Face a difficult situation
Example: It’s time to bite the bullet and start studying.

2. Drop the Bombshell

Meaning: Make a shocking announcement
Example: She dropped the bombshell about her resignation.

3. Call to Arms

Meaning: Summon people to take action
Example: The leader’s speech was a call to arms.

4. Go Over the Top

Meaning: Exceed expectations
Example: His efforts went over the top for the project.

5. Hold Fire

Meaning: Wait before acting
Example: Let’s hold fire on the decision for now.

6. Fight Tooth and Nail

Meaning: Fight fiercely
Example: They fought tooth and nail for the contract.

7. Be in the Trenches

Meaning: Be in a difficult situation
Example: We’ve been in the trenches with this project.

8. Burn Bridges

Meaning: Destroy relationships
Example: Don’t burn bridges with your colleagues.

9. Shoot from the Hip

Meaning: Speak without thinking
Example: He tends to shoot from the hip in meetings.

10. Hit the Target

Meaning: Achieve a goal
Example: We hit the target with our sales campaign.

11. Lay Down the Law

Meaning: Enforce rules strictly
Example: She laid down the law about the new policy.

12. Retreat in Defeat

Meaning: Withdraw in failure
Example: They retreated in defeat after the argument.

13. Draw the Battle Lines

Meaning: Prepare for a confrontation
Example: The debate drew the battle lines between them.

14. Take No Prisoners

Meaning: Be ruthless
Example: In negotiations, she takes no prisoners.

15. Outflank Someone

Meaning: Gain an advantage over
Example: He outflanked his competitors with a clever strategy.

16. Show Your Colors

Meaning: Reveal true intentions
Example: She showed her colors during the crisis.

17. Run the Gauntlet

Meaning: Face a severe trial
Example: He had to run the gauntlet of public criticism.

18. Go Down in Flames

Meaning: Fail spectacularly
Example: The project went down in flames last month.

19. Cross Swords

Meaning: Engage in a dispute
Example: They often cross swords over minor issues.

20. Under Fire

Meaning: Being criticized
Example: The manager was under fire for the delay.

Expressions Related to War