Learn 20 Expressions Related to Desire

Desire is a powerful emotion that drives human actions and aspirations. Whether it’s a longing for success, love, or a simple wish for something new, desire shapes our motivations and decisions. In this blog post, we’ll explore 20 expressions related to desire, each with a brief meaning and an example to help you understand and use them effectively in your conversations.

Expressions Related to Desire

1. Burning Desire

Meaning: A very strong urge or longing.

Example: She had a burning desire to become a successful author.

2. Yearning For

Meaning: A deep, emotional longing for something.

Example: He felt a yearning for the days of his youth.

3. Have a Thirst For

Meaning: A strong desire or craving for something.

Example: She has a thirst for adventure and travel.

4. Long For

Meaning: To have a strong desire for something.

Example: They longed for a peaceful life in the countryside.

5. Craving

Meaning: A powerful desire for something specific.

Example: She had a craving for chocolate after dinner.

6. Wish For

Meaning: To hope or desire for something.

Example: He wished for a promotion at work.

7. Dream Of

Meaning: To have a strong desire or hope for something.

Example: She dreams of becoming a famous musician.

8. Lust After

Meaning: To have an intense desire for something, often used for material or physical desires.

Example: He lusted after the latest sports car model.

9. Hunger For

Meaning: To have a strong desire or need for something.

Example: She hungers for knowledge and reads every day.

10. Aspire To

Meaning: To have a strong desire to achieve something.

Example: He aspires to be the best in his field.

11. Pining For

Meaning: To suffer with longing or desire for someone or something.

Example: She was pining for her hometown after moving to the city.

12. Set One’s Heart On

Meaning: To be determined to achieve or obtain something.

Example: He set his heart on winning the championship.

13. Have Eyes For

Meaning: To desire someone romantically.

Example: She only has eyes for her high school sweetheart.

14. Be Bent On

Meaning: To be determined to do or achieve something.

Example: He was bent on starting his own business.

15. Be Dying For

Meaning: To want something very much.

Example: She was dying for a cup of coffee after the long meeting.

16. Fancy

Meaning: To feel a desire or liking for.

Example: Do you fancy going out for dinner tonight?

17. Have One’s Heart Set On

Meaning: To want something very much.

Example: She has her heart set on studying abroad.

18. Itching For

Meaning: To have a strong desire to do something.

Example: He was itching for a fight after the argument.

19. Be Keen On

Meaning: To be very interested in or enthusiastic about something.

Example: She’s keen on learning new languages.

20. Covet

Meaning: To desire something belonging to another.

Example: He coveted his neighbor’s new car.

Expressions Related to Desire