Learn 20 Expressions Related to Humor

Humor is an essential part of communication that brings joy and laughter into our lives. Understanding various expressions related to humor can enhance your ability to share jokes, lighten the mood, and connect with others. Here are 20 idioms and phrasal verbs that capture the essence of humor.

1. Crack Up

Meaning: Burst into laughter
Example: His joke made everyone crack up instantly.

2. Burst Out Laughing

Meaning: Start laughing suddenly
Example: She burst out laughing at the funny story.

3. Laugh Out Loud

Meaning: Laugh very loudly
Example: The comedian made the audience laugh out loud.

4. Have a Laugh

Meaning: Enjoy something funny
Example: We always have a laugh together.

5. Roll in the Aisles

Meaning: Laugh uncontrollably
Example: The audience was rolling in the aisles.

6. In Stitches

Meaning: Laughing hard
Example: His antics had us in stitches.

7. Crack a Joke

Meaning: Tell a joke
Example: He loves to crack jokes at parties.

8. Break Up

Meaning: Start laughing suddenly
Example: We broke up at his hilarious comment.

9. Split One’s Sides

Meaning: Laugh very hard
Example: The movie made us split our sides.

10. Laugh One’s Head Off

Meaning: Laugh uncontrollably
Example: I laughed my head off at the show.

11. Make a Joke Of

Meaning: Treat something humorously
Example: He made a joke of the situation.

12. Lighten Up

Meaning: Be less serious
Example: Lighten up; it was just a joke.

13. Take a Joke

Meaning: Handle humor well
Example: She can always take a joke.

14. Pull One’s Leg

Meaning: Tease someone
Example: He’s just pulling your leg.

15. Joke Around

Meaning: Behave playfully
Example: They were joking around all day.

16. Play a Prank

Meaning: Perform a practical joke
Example: He played a prank on his friend.

17. Have a Field Day

Meaning: Enjoy oneself immensely
Example: The kids had a field day with the jokes.

18. Laugh Up One’s Sleeve

Meaning: Laugh secretly
Example: She laughed up her sleeve at his mistake.

19. Have a Gag

Meaning: Tell a funny story
Example: He always has a gag ready.

20. Laugh It Off

Meaning: Treat something lightly
Example: He decided to laugh off the mistake.

Expressions Related to Humor