Learn 20 Expressions Related to Drinking Water

Water is essential to life, and it’s no surprise that numerous expressions and idioms are centered around drinking water. These phrases often transcend the literal act of hydration, symbolizing renewal, health, and necessity in everyday language. Whether used in daily conversation or in more poetic contexts, these expressions enrich our communication. Here, we explore 20 common expressions related to drinking water, providing clear meanings and concise examples for each.

Expressions Related to Drinking Water

1. Water under the bridge

Meaning: Past and forgotten issues.

Example: Forget about our argument; it’s water under the bridge now.

2. Like water off a duck’s back

Meaning: Criticism or insults that don’t affect someone.

Example: His harsh words were like water off a duck’s back to her.

3. In hot water

Meaning: In trouble or difficulty.

Example: He found himself in hot water after missing the deadline.

4. To hold water

Meaning: To remain sound, valid, or plausible.

Example: His alibi just doesn’t hold water.

5. To make one’s mouth water

Meaning: To be very appealing or tempting.

Example: The aroma of the pie made everyone’s mouth water.

6. Water down

Meaning: To make something less effective.

Example: They watered down the report to avoid controversy.

7. Tread water

Meaning: To be in a stagnant or unproductive situation.

Example: He’s just treading water in his current job.

8. Test the waters

Meaning: To explore an idea or plan cautiously.

Example: She’s testing the waters before launching her business.

9. Pour cold water on

Meaning: To discourage an idea or plan.

Example: He poured cold water on their travel plans.

10. Fish out of water

Meaning: Feeling out of place.

Example: He felt like a fish out of water at the new job.

11. Keep one’s head above water

Meaning: To manage to survive, especially financially.

Example: She’s struggling to keep her head above water.

12. Come hell or high water

Meaning: No matter what happens.

Example: I’ll be there, come hell or high water.

13. Water over the dam

Meaning: Something in the past that cannot be changed or undone.

Example: Don’t worry about the mistakes— it’s all water over the dam now.

14. Dip one’s toes into the water

Meaning: To start very cautiously.

Example: He dipped his toes into the water with a small investment.

15. Blood is thicker than water

Meaning: Family relationships are stronger than others.

Example: She always helps her brother because blood is thicker than water.

16. Dead in the water

Meaning: Completely unsuccessful or non-functional.

Example: The project was dead in the water without funding.

17. Water off a duck’s back

Meaning: Easily and without any apparent effect.

Example: The criticism was just water off a duck’s back to him.

18. Muddy the waters

Meaning: To make a situation more confusing or complicated.

Example: His vague reply only muddied the waters.

19. Clear as water

Meaning: Very clear and easy to understand.

Example: Her explanation was as clear as water.

20. Smooth sailing

Meaning: Easy progress without obstacles.

Example: Once we resolved the initial issues, it was smooth sailing.

Expressions Related to Drinking Water