Learn 20 Expressions Related to Work

Understanding work-related expressions can greatly enhance your communication skills in professional settings. This blog post covers 20 essential idioms and phrasal verbs related to work, providing you with their meanings and example sentences to help you use them confidently.

1. Burn the midnight oil

Meaning: Work late

Example: She often burns the midnight oil to meet deadlines.

2. Climb the corporate ladder

Meaning: Advance in career

Example: He’s determined to climb the corporate ladder quickly.

3. Hit the ground running

Meaning: Start quickly and successfully

Example: New employees are expected to hit the ground running.

4. Pull your weight

Meaning: Do your fair share

Example: Everyone in the team needs to pull their weight.

5. Learn the ropes

Meaning: Understand how things work

Example: It took a while to learn the ropes at the new job.

6. Bring to the table

Meaning: Offer something useful

Example: What skills can you bring to the table?

7. On the back burner

Meaning: Delayed for later

Example: The project is on the back burner for now.

8. Cut corners

Meaning: Do something cheaply or quickly

Example: Don’t cut corners on this project; it’s too important.

9. Keep your nose to the grindstone

Meaning: Work hard and continuously

Example: If you keep your nose to the grindstone, you’ll succeed.

10. A foot in the door

Meaning: Initial opportunity

Example: This internship will give you a foot in the door.

11. Think outside the box

Meaning: Be creative

Example: We need to think outside the box to solve this problem.

12. Touch base

Meaning: Briefly update someone

Example: Let’s touch base after the meeting.

13. Call it a day

Meaning: Stop working

Example: It’s late; let’s call it a day.

14. Bite off more than you can chew

Meaning: Take on too much

Example: Don’t bite off more than you can chew with this project.

15. Down to the wire

Meaning: At the last moment

Example: The report was finished just down to the wire.

16. Throw in the towel

Meaning: Give up

Example: He decided to throw in the towel after years of struggling.

17. Play it by ear

Meaning: Improvise

Example: Let’s play it by ear and see how it goes.

18. In the pipeline

Meaning: In process

Example: We have several new projects in the pipeline.

19. Across the board

Meaning: Affecting everyone

Example: The new policy will be implemented across the board.

20. Cut to the chase

Meaning: Get to the point

Example: Let’s cut to the chase and discuss the main issue.

Expressions Related to Work