53+ Flirty & Funny Ways To Say You’re Hot

Do you want to let someone know that they look fantastic, but you can’t seem to find the words? Don’t worry. We have some incredibly fun and clever ideas for ways to tell that special someone just how hot they are — without getting too embarrassingly sappy in the process!

From playfully calling them a real “hottie-tottie,” to experimenting with punny phrases like, “you set my heart on fire,” we’ve got all of your flirty needs covered. Read on for tons of innovative (and maybe even witty) ways to give someone an ego boost!

Funny and Flirty Ways To Say You’re Hot

1- Your lips are so hot they could melt an iceberg.

2- I could watch you all night and still be left burning.

3- You are hotter than a jalapeno pepper.

4- You are a firecracker.

5- You make the sun jealous.

6- You have a sizzle that can’t be tamed.

7- Your glow is undeniable.

8- You are as hot as an oven on its highest setting.

9- You bring the heat wherever you go.

10- The flames in your eyes are mesmerizing.

11- Your beauty is practically a crime.

12- You are burning up!

13- You are hotter than a summer day.

14- You light up the room with your presence.

15- You have the perfect temperature – hot!

16- The way you look sends shivers down my spine.

17- Your beauty is dangerously irresistible.

18- Everything about you is sizzling.

19- Your energy is contagious.

20- You give off a smoldering aura.

21- You are a blazing inferno!

22- You are hotter than the 4th of July fireworks!

23- You make my temperature rise.

24- I could stare into your eyes forever and still be hot for you.

25- Your beauty scorches me to my core.

26- You have a dangerously seductive aura.

27- I can feel the heat just by looking at you.

28- It’s almost impossible to keep my cool when I see you.

29- You make my heart race and my blood boil.

30- Your beauty is mesmerizingly hot.

31- I feel warmth every time you look at me.

32- You are a flame that sets my soul on fire.

33- Just seeing you makes me weak in the knees.

34- You make me hotter than a desert summer day!

35- I can feel the heat radiating off of you.

36- You have a spark that I can’t help but be drawn to.

37- You have my entire body feeling warm and fuzzy.

38- Just one glance is enough to make me swoon.

39- Your beauty sets my heart ablaze with desire.

40- I’m left breathless and burning every time I see you.

41- You leave me feeling hotter than a furnace on full blast!

42- The heat of your love is unparalleled.

43- My heart races whenever you are near.

44- Just one look from you and I’m set aflame.

45- Your beauty is hotter than the hottest summer day.

46- Your presence is enough to light up any room.

47- I’m drawn to you like a moth to a flame.

48- You have an irresistible fire that can’t be denied.

49- I melt every time you look at me with those eyes.

50- Your touch instantly sets my skin on fire.

51- You have me burning up with desire!

52- I can’t help but be drawn to your smoldering beauty.

53- You are hotter than a million suns!

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