Bush Plural, What is the plural of Bush?

Meaning of Bush is

a shrub or clump of shrubs with stems of moderate length.

Singular and Plural of Bush

Singular Plural
Bush Bushes

Bush as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She hid behind a bush to spy on her brother.
  2. A beautiful bird perched on a flowering bush.
  3. He trimmed the overgrown bush in the garden.
  4. The thorny bush scratched her arm as she passed by.
  5. A snake slithered out from under the bush.
  6. They discovered a hidden path beyond the dense bush.
  7. The deer took shelter in the thick bush.
  8. The fragrance of the blossoming bush filled the air.
  9. He planted a rose bush in his backyard.
  10. The cat pounced on a mouse hiding in the bush.

Bush as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The landscape was dotted with blooming bushes of various colors.
  2. They spent the day pruning the overgrown bushes.
  3. The garden was filled with flowering bushes.
  4. The hikers had to maneuver through dense bushes.
  5. The wild berries grew abundantly on the roadside bushes.
  6. They used the branches from the trimmed bushes for mulching.
  7. The painters added vibrant colors to the leafy bushes in the mural.
  8. The autumn foliage adorned the deciduous bushes.
  9. The landscapers planted rows of evergreen bushes.
  10. The park was known for its beautiful rose bushes.

Singular Possessive of Bush

The singular possessive form of “Bush” is “Bush’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Bush:

  1. The bush’s leaves were vibrant shades of green.
  2. The gardener trimmed the branches of the overgrown bush’s.
  3. The hiker discovered a hidden trail behind the bush’s thicket.
  4. The wildlife found shelter in the dense foliage of the bush’s canopy.
  5. The wind rustled through the branches of the ancient bush’s.
  6. The photographer captured a beautiful butterfly perched on the bush’s flowers.
  7. The homeowner took pride in maintaining the neatness of the front yard’s bush’s.
  8. The children played hide-and-seek among the tall bush’s.
  9. The scent of the blooming flowers emanated from the bush’s petals.
  10. The botanist studied the unique characteristics of the rare bush’s species.

Plural Possessive of Bush

The plural possessive form of “Bush” is “Bushes'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Bush:

  1. The landscapers pruned the bushes’ branches to maintain their shape.
  2. The gardeners planted colorful flowers near the bushes’ bases.
  3. The storm damaged some of the bushes’ foliage.
  4. The birds nested in the protective cover of the dense bushes’.
  5. The gardeners fertilized the soil around the bushes’ roots.
  6. The homeowner appreciated the privacy provided by the tall bushes’.
  7. The children enjoyed exploring the hidden paths between the backyard’s bushes’.
  8. The rabbits found shelter beneath the low-lying bushes’.
  9. The maintenance crew watered the bushes’ regularly during the dry season.
  10. The landscape design featured a variety of bushes’ with different heights and colors.

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