50 Sentences in Past Perfect Continuous Tense

50 Sentences in Past Perfect Continuous Tense!

50 sentences in past perfect continuous tense

  1. Before I went to bed, I had been watching TV for three hours.
  2. It seemed like we had been waiting forever when we finally saw the lion coming towards us in the zoo.
  3. By 8:00, she already had been studying English for six months.
  4. When he got off the boat, he had been traveling for two days.
  5. By the time the other boat arrived, she already had been waiting for an hour.
  6. He said he had been playing basketball since seven o’clock that morning.
  7. By the time she got home from work, her children already had been sleeping for three hours.
  8. By the time we got to Grandma’s house, she had already been waiting for an hour.
  9. By the time I turned off the TV, she already had been sleeping for two hours.
  10. It took a long time before he finally stopped talking because he hadn’t been sleeping for three days before Christmas vacation.
  11. When we got to the hotel, he already had been waiting for forty-five minutes.
  12. By the time she got home from work that day, she already had been working for fifteen hours.
  13. When I finally went downstairs, everyone already had been sleeping for over four hours.
  14. He had been surfing for four hours when we finally swam back to shore because we were too tired.
  15. When I got home from work, she already had been sleeping for three hours.
  16. By the time we got to Yosemite, he already had been driving for eight hours.
  17. When I turned off the light, she had been sleeping for almost three hours.
  18. By the time we walked to her apartment, she already had been walking home for over an hour.
  19. By the time they had been finishing their dinner, it was already 10:30 at night.
  20. He said that he had been trying to get the tickets for a month.
  21. I had been waiting for a long time when she finally arrived.
  22. I was not feeling well yesterday so I had been resting all day.
  23. Had you been studying when the test began?
  24. You only get one ticket, had you been reserving multiple seats?
  25. They were very tired since they had been jogging since 6 o’clock.
  26. They were exhausted since they had been running for 3 hours.
  27. The sun shined all morning, but it rained when I had been walking home from work.
  28. We had not been shopping much during the sales this year.
  29. I’m sorry I hadn’t been able to reply to your messages for a while.
  30. I had been studying when it suddenly got dark.
  31. “What had you been doing all day?”
  32. “She had been partying until 5 a.m.”
  33. There was hardly anything in the fridge because I had been grocery shopping yesterday.
  34. It had been getting really late so we decided to stop and camp for the night.
  35. She looked terrible since she had not been sleeping due to the test that was coming up.
  36. Since she had been working all day, she was too tired to walk home.
  37. You had been watching so many movies! I don’t think you’ve ever read a book before.
  38. How long had it been since you’ve last seen him?
  39. How long had you been waiting before I arrived?
  40. She looked upset because she had been crying all morning.
  41. It had been getting colder, so we need to buy warmer clothes for the winter.
  42. You had been not gone outside forever! You need to get some sun!
  43. He had been studying for a very long time, so I’m sure he will do well on the test.
  44. We had been waiting for you since 4 p.m.!
  45. They had been looking for a new apartment but they can’t find one that is affordable and in good condition.
  46. Had I been not studying, I would have gone outside with them.
  47. How long had you been studying before attempting to take the test?
  48. We had been working together for a few years now.
  49. How long had it been since she got married?
  50. I think he is sick since he hadn’t been looking too good lately.