20 Examples of Collective Nouns in Sentences & Meaning

20 Examples of Collective Nouns in Sentences! Collective nouns are words used to describe a group of individuals. They can be used to refer to animals, people, things, or ideas. In this article, we will explore 20 examples of collective nouns in sentences. This will provide readers with a better understanding of how collective nouns work and how they are used in the English language.

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20 Examples of Collective Nouns in Sentences 1

20 Examples of Collective Nouns in Sentences

Here are 20 examples of collective nouns used in sentences:

  1. The shoppers crowded around a display of products on sale.
  2. The architect designed a suite of rooms for the luxury hotel.
  3. The brewery had a cluster of hops growing in the field.
  4. The orchestra performed with a section of strings in the concert.
  5. The chef prepared a batch of cookies for the dessert menu.
  6. The church had a choir of voices singing hymns.
  7. The kindergarten had a pack of crayons for the children to use.
  8. The bees collected nectar from a garden of flowers in the meadow.
  9. The soldiers marched in a formation of ranks to the barracks.
  10. The museum displayed a collection of artifacts from ancient civilizations.
  11. The shoppers pushed carts in a stream of customers through the store.
  12. The airport had a fleet of planes taking off and landing on the runway.
  13. The family enjoyed a basket of strawberries with whipped cream.
  14. The art class used a set of brushes to paint their masterpieces.
  15. The company had a panel of experts discussing the industry trends.
  16. The birds nested in a colony of nests in the tree branches.
  17. The students studied with a group of classmates in the library.
  18. The city had a team of officials managing the public services.
  19. The fishermen caught a school of tuna from the ocean.
  20. The museum exhibited a series of sculptures by contemporary artists.

Examples of Collective Nouns and Meanings

Here are 20 examples of collective nouns and their meanings:

  1. A flock of birds: a group of birds flying or gathered together.
  2. A herd of cattle: a group of cows, bulls, or other bovine animals.
  3. A pack of wolves: a group of wolves hunting or traveling together.
  4. A swarm of bees: a group of bees flying or clustered together.
  5. A school of fish: a group of fish swimming together.
  6. A colony of ants: a group of ants living and working together.
  7. A pride of lions: a group of lions led by a dominant male.
  8. A team of players: a group of athletes playing together in a sport.
  9. A crew of sailors: a group of sailors operating a ship or boat.
  10. A troupe of actors: a group of actors performing together in a play or movie.
  11. A fleet of ships: a group of ships traveling together.
  12. A band of musicians: a group of musicians performing together in a band.
  13. A company of soldiers: a group of soldiers serving together in the military.
  14. A staff of employees: a group of workers employed in a company or organization.
  15. A swarm of locusts: a large group of locusts flying together and causing crop damage.
  16. A gaggle of geese: a group of geese on land or in the water.
  17. A pack of dogs: a group of domesticated dogs hunting or playing together.
  18. A group of friends: a group of people who enjoy each other’s company.
  19. A colony of penguins: a group of penguins living and breeding together in the Antarctic.
  20. A committee of experts: a group of people appointed to study a particular problem or issue.

20 Examples of Collective Nouns in Sentences