15 Sentences in Past Perfect Continuous Tense

15 Sentences in Past Perfect Continuous Tense!

15 sentences in past perfect continuous tense

  1. My friend and I had been emailing each other every week since we graduated from college until we ran into each other at a bookstore.
  2. Had the children been sleeping the entire time?
  3. They hadn’t been sleeping.
  4. I wish you had been there last night.
  5. I’m glad you had been able to be here tonight.
  6. It seemed as if he had been crying, but she couldn’t tell for sure.
  7. I had never realized that they had been talking about me the whole time.
  8. He hadn’t been able to go to college because he needed to get a full-time job.
  9. She said she had been studying for more than eight hours, but I didn’t believe her.
  10. It was almost 4:00 when we had been waiting for her to come.
  11. I wouldn’t have gone to the party if they hadn’t been my friends.
  12. She said she had been working in the garden all afternoon, but when we got home we saw that she was lying on a lounge chair reading a book.
  13. We had been surprised because it had been raining all day and yet, at 10:00 it was still sunny and clear.
  14. My grandma had been swimming in the ocean when she saw a ship sinking nearby.
  15. He said he hadn’t been tired, but we knew he was lying because we could see how exhausted he looked.