10 Examples of Past Perfect Continuous Tense Sentences

The past perfect continuous tense is a form of the verb used to express an action that had been occurring over some period before it was stopped or interrupted by another action in the past. As English language learners, understanding how to properly use and recognize this form of the verb can be tricky. This article will provide an overview of 10 sentences written in the past perfect continuous tense so that readers can gain a better sense of this particular verb form.

10 Examples of Past Perfect Continuous Tense

  1. He had been exercising for an hour.
  2. We had been walking in the park for an hour.
  3. She had been working at the company for five years.
  4. They had been renovating the house for months.
  5. He had been playing the guitar for hours.
  6. We had been studying for the exam for weeks.
  7. She had been attending the same gym class for months.
  8. They had been saving up for years.
  9. He had been waiting for the train for an hour.
  10. We had been planning the surprise party for days.

10 sentences in past perfect continuous tense

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