50 Examples of Superlative Adjectives in Sentences

50 Examples of Superlative Adjectives in Sentences50 Examples of Superlative Adjectives in Sentences

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  1. In addition, the hottest beachwear in town is available.
  2. Negative grades are possible for the weakest students.
  3. It’s the most disgusting food I’ve ever tasted.
  4. We made a hasty retreat to the nearest exit.
  5. It will be the most difficult role of his acting career.
  6. She runs as if it were the most natural thing in the world.
  7. The month of July was the hottest on record.
  8. The third is the earliest date I can think of.
  9. I’m only inviting my closest friends to the gathering.
  10. Ed is without a doubt the funniest person I know.
  11. This is the worst economic downturn in fifty years.
  12. He says the funniest things on the spur of the moment.
  13. It was the funniest thing ever.
  14. Lewis was one of my closest friends.
  15. The last joke received the most applause.
  16. The weakest link in a chain is the weakest link.
  17. A half-mile down the road is the nearest bank.
  18. The horse was the most amusing.
  19. The right path isn’t always the simplest.
  20. Prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.
  21. This summer was the hottest of the century.
  22. Even the king’s most trusted advisers were suspect.
  23. Who is the tallest among the boys?
  24. Fruit trees are among my earliest memories.
  25. Even the coldest day feels warm when we’re together.
  26. This has been one of the coldest autumns in recent memory.
  27. The teachers are the school’s most valuable resource.
  28. Robertson was the player who came closest to scoring.
  29. It was the most amusing thing I had ever heard.
  30. They went in the direction of the closest store.
  31. The earliest automobiles had solid tires.
  32. What is the universe’s coldest natural object?
  33. My closest relative is a good friend. Fuller, Thomas
  34. Henry zeroed in on the weakest part of my argument right away.
  35. Their house isn’t in the most convenient location.
  36. They are one of our most important clients.
  37. The missile’s smallest deflection could spell disaster.
  38. I went for a walk to the nearest town.
  39. Even the tiniest hiccup could cause the project to be delayed.
  40. The weakest is thrown against the wall.
  41. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of yourself?
  42. Her lips had the tiniest hint of a smile on them.
  43. It had been the most traumatic experience of her life.
  44. He’s one of the industry’s funniest and most charming gentlemen.
  45. Even the tiniest cot has enough room for a loving couple.
  46. The sales manager is often considered the weakest link in the chain.
  47. What is the location of the nearest post office?
  48. What is the simplest way to provide maximum security?
  49. The biggest stumbling block was a fallen tree trunk in the road.
  50. If you prepare for the worst, the best will save you.

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