20 Examples of Superlative Adjectives in Sentences

20 Examples of Superlative Adjectives in Sentences! The English language has an extensive collection of superlative adjectives that can be used to add emphasis to sentences. A superlative adjective is used to express the highest degree or level of a given quality. This article will provide 20 examples of how superlative adjectives can be used in sentences. Each sentence will demonstrate how superlatives are used to emphasize something unique or special about a person, place, or thing.

20 Examples of Superlative Adjectives in Sentences

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20 Examples of Superlative Adjectives

  1. That is the funniest thing on the face of the planet.
  2. When a maiden has a lot of suitors, she usually picks the worst.
  3. The smallest sounds are echoed by the large ball.
  4. Sandra’s face had the faintest trace of a smile on it.
  5. It’s also the most comfortable to sit in an upholstered booth.
  6. At its weakest point, the pipe will burst.
  7. During the hottest part of the day, they take a nap.
  8. In general, the coldest weather occurs in January.
  9. This is the most important event we’ve ever catered.
  10. The earliest dinosaurs’ skeletons are extremely rare.
  11. Since records began, this winter has been the coldest on record.
  12. The worst men are frequently the best advisors.
  13. Taking the train home would be the most convenient option.
  14. After Richard, he’s the tallest.
  15. This town is the coldest in the United Kingdom.
  16. When cornered, even the weakest animal will bite back.
  17. It is the world’s tallest structure.
  18. Once upon a time, the funniest people were the saddest.
  19. Even the tiniest baby can recognize its mother’s voice.
  20. Morrissey’s proudest moment remains to this day.

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