50 Examples of Adverbs of Manner in Sentences

50 Examples of Adverbs of Manner in Sentences50 Examples of Adverbs of Manner in Sentences

  1. In the darkness, the night lantern glowed softly.
  2. He mocked softly, “Too scary for you?”
  3. Please consider giving generously.
  4. They happily conversed for a while.
  5. The room was beautifully decorated in pastel hues.
  6. She was dressed beautifully.
  7. I drank greedily after removing the ring-top from the can.
  8. Loi and Mark patiently began constructing another spar.
  9. Her throat tightened, and she forced a hard swallow.
  10. With buckets and spades, the girls happily played in the sand.
  11. My prescription was quickly filled by the dispenser.
  12. Annie was happily engrossed in her playthings.
  13. “Well, that sounds bad,” many people say.
  14. Your writing is hard to decipher.
  15. She softly breathed, “I love you.”
  16. He patiently awaited Katherine’s response.
  17. She’s tiring herself out more quickly these days.
  18. The doctor patiently explained the treatment options.
  19. She married young and settled down happily in her new home.
  20. A small fire is quickly extinguished.
  21. She was softly humming to herself.
  22. Carry a large stick and speak softly.
  23. Fortune is easy to come by, but hard to keep.
  24. He ate loudly and greedily.
  25. The doorbell rang loudly.
  26. “I miss you,” he added softly.
  27. What a lovely voice!
  28. He has been working hard all day.
  29. She ran alongside me, giggling happily.
  30. A staff member is quickly identified as having beaten a dog.
  31. She happily chattered away until she realised I wasn’t paying attention.
  32. The gift was beautifully wrapped in gold tissue paper.
  33. In wet weather, brass tarnishes quickly.
  34. He’d been patiently waiting for an hour in the anteroom.
  35. She did everything she could to reload the gun as quickly as she could.
  36. She was patiently looking for information.
  37. She has generously donated to the Red Cross.
  38. You should practice softly closing the door.
  39. Please contribute to the refugee fund generously.
  40. Most restaurants will happily accept checks as payment.
  41. She grinned happily at Maxim.
  42. We urgently require your assistance; please contribute generously.
  43. As he walked, John’s dog padded patiently alongside him.
  44. She’s patiently waiting in the hope that he’ll return to her.
  45. Nick explained patiently that he had to work that day.
  46. He waited patiently as he reeled in his finishing line.
  47. The wall clock was loudly ticking.
  48. Salt and pepper the steaks generously.
  49. Melissa became an expert at predicting his moods quickly.
  50. Arguments are hard to win with soft words.