50 Examples of Possessive Adjectives

50 Examples of Possessive Adjectives 50 Examples of Possessive Adjectives

  1. You could, after all, set your own price.
  2. I was dialling my friend’s number.
  3. I’d like to compensate you for your time.
  4. Not even if I prepare your teams?
  5. You’re already the best student in your class.
  6. Your words are a reflection of your thoughts.
  7. Whoever does not repair his gutter also repairs his entire house.
  8. Each individual has his own set of limitations.
  9. It’s my day off today.
  10. You were a part of my school days as well as the rest of the year.
  11. Your clothes were washed by me.
  12. Your father described you as a fiery young lady.
  13. Work is my life philosophy.
  14. If you don’t mind, I’ll wear my own hat.
  15. I expressed my feelings about my father to you.
  16. Every heart aches in its own way.
  17. My fiancé and I are kissing.
  18. So, when do you expect to get your car?
  19. Every mother considers her child to be lovely.
  20. Never give up your privacy or be careless with your security.
  21. Experience is what allows me to learn from my mistakes.
  22. He wanted to know what I thought.
  23. On its hinges, a creaking door hangs long.
  24. Don’t squander your time.
  25. In the dark, a good name retains its lustre.
  26. Every day brings its own loaf of bread.
  27. It wasn’t in the same place or at the same time as my previous dreams.
  28. I tried to come up with the best way to express my emotions.
  29. Daddy, I appreciate your concern.
  30. He provides the trees for you to build your nests in.
  31. You must set your sails as the wind blows.
  32. Mom will have my hide if we don’t take the back road.
  33. That was just barely before my time.
  34. Every cock has its own dunghill to crow on.
  35. But not enough to force me to close my doors.
  36. Make a note of it on your Christmas wish list.
  37. You look exactly like your father.
  38. The leader motioned for the rest of the group to follow her.
  39. They’re now in my inside pocket.
  40. I noticed your advertisement in the newspaper.
  41. But at the very least, you were thinking of my best interests.
  42. Don’t play with my thoughts.
  43. You can’t tell anything about a tree by looking at its bark.
  44. My mother and daughter live with me.
  45. The rotten apple causes harm to its neighbors.
  46. Annie, not Howie, was my friend.
  47. Demolish your homes and submit to bondage!
  48. Allow the cobbler to finish his last step.
  49. Simply put, it’s not my style.
  50. Never put your pearls in front of a pig.