20 Sentences Using ‘ARE’, ARE in Example Sentences

Are you looking to expand your English grammar knowledge? If so, this article is for you! In this article titled ’20 Sentences Using ‘ARE’, ARE in Example Sentences’ we will explore different ways of using the word ‘are’ in sentences. We will look at example sentences to understand how to use the word correctly and effectively in our writing.

How to Use Are in Sentences?

“Are” is a form of the verb “to be” and is used to indicate a plural subject in the present tense. Here are some examples of how to use “are” in sentences:

  1. The flowers are beautiful.
  2. We are going to the store.
  3. You are my best friend.

In general, “are” is used when you are talking about more than one person or thing in the present continuous tense. It’s important to remember that “are” is a form of the verb “to be” and can be used in many different ways depending on the context of the sentence.

are in example sentences

‘Are’ Sentences Examples

  1. The dishes are dirty in the sink.
  2. The dogs are barking loudly.
  3. The trains are running on time.
  4. Pencils and pens are usually on the desk.
  5. The flowers are blooming in the garden.
  6. Cars are parked in the lot.
  7. The food and drinks are on the table.
  8. The cars are driving down the street.
  9. The stars are shining brightly in the night sky.
  10. The children are playing in the park.
  11. The sunsets are beautiful.
  12. The lights are flickering on and off.
  13. The phones are ringing constantly.
  14. The computers are being used by the employees.
  15. The students are studying for their exams.
  16. Trees are usually green.
  17. Shoes are stored in the closet.
  18. The planes are taking off from the runway.
  19. Coffee and tea are hot beverages.
  20. The people are standing in line.
  21. The flowers are red.
  22. The books are on the shelf.
  23. The trees are swaying in the wind.
  24. The clothes are hanging in the closet.
  25. The birds are chirping in the trees.
  26. There are many people at the party.

Interrogative Sentences Using ‘Are’

  1. Are you feeling well today?
  2. Are we going to the party tonight?
  3. Are they arriving on time for the meeting?
  4. Are there any available seats in the cinema?
  5. Are you going to the gym after work?
  6. Are you interested in learning a new language?
  7. Are the prices for this product negotiable?
  8. Are we supposed to submit this report tomorrow?
  9. Are you comfortable with the temperature in the room?
  10. Are the guests staying at the hotel satisfied with their accommodations?
  11. Are you going to cook dinner tonight?
  12. Are you willing to help me with this project?
  13. Are the employees happy with their salaries?
  14. Are you sure you understand the instructions?
  15. Are we allowed to park here?
  16. Are you looking for a job at the moment?
  17. Are you available for a meeting next Monday?
  18. Are the students allowed to use their phones during class?
  19. Are you planning to attend the conference next week?
  20. Are you familiar with the rules and regulations of this organization?

Negative Sentences Using ‘Are’

  1. Cats are not always friendly.
  2. Mosquitoes are not harmless insects.
  3. Lies are not a good foundation for a relationship.
  4. Traffic jams are not enjoyable experiences.
  5. Bad habits are not easy to break.
  6. You are not allowed to enter the restricted area.
  7. My parents are not happy with my recent behavior.
  8. These shoes are not comfortable to wear for long periods.
  9. The restaurant’s prices are not affordable for everyone.
  10. The exam questions are not easy to answer.
  11. The weather conditions today are not suitable for outdoor activities.
  12. The product specifications are not clear enough.
  13. The presentation slides are not well-organized.
  14. The instructions in this manual are not helpful at all.


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