100 Examples of Possessive Adjectives

100 Examples of Possessive Adjectives 100 Examples of Possessive Adjectives

  1. I’ll get my work in a minute.
  2. Man is man, and he is the master of his fate.
  3. It reminds me of my car.
  4. Virtue is own reward for her.
  5. Reimburse someone with his own money.
  6. My dictionary does not contain the word “impossible.”
  7. On my own, I’d be lost in this place.
  8. By no means should you judge a book by its cover, Judge.
  9. Some of the deer’s blood will be found where she was killed.
  10. Whet your knife if the ox falls.
  11. Make sure your tongue doesn’t cut your throat.
  12. He who masters his rage defeats his greatest foe.
  13. Would you like to accompany me on my date?
  14. Only a small percentage of the wealthy own their homes.
  15. Do you know that my wife adores you, Ben?
  16. On my own, I attempted to smuggle one in.
  17. Lover’s quarrels end up renewing their love.
  18. I’m not going to change my mind.
  19. In private, chastise your friends; in public, praise them.
  20. Have you made contact with your friend yet?
  21. You’ve done it again, putting words in my mouth.
  22. You’re my only child.
  23. Martha smiled as she caught my gaze.
  24. Every man has a peculiar habit.
  25. It’s critical for your success.
  26. You should not put all of your eggs in one basket.
  27. Do not count your chickens until they are fully grown.
  28. My mail is delivered to a post office box.
  29. So, what made you think she was out of your league in the first place?
  30. When you mention angels, you’ll hear their wings flapping.
  31. It was, in fact, how my family celebrated Christmas every year.
  32. I’ve spent the majority of my life planning to get to where I am now.
  33. Like always, I’m in your hands.
  34. My viewpoint has not changed.
  35. The crow considers her own birds to be the most beautiful.
  36. Is the sun shining brightly in your country?
  37. I’m hoping you didn’t do it on my behalf.
  38. Every man is in charge of his own destiny.
  39. You maintain your privacy.
  40. That, I suppose, is my idea of getting somewhere.
  41. I hope it is the same for everyone who lives in my house.
  42. My life’s love shifted her weight to the edge of her chair.
  43. Weeds are an unavoidable part of any garden.
  44. I wouldn’t think about dealing with this on my own.
  45. I sat nearby, but my wait was only a few minutes.
  46. Her or its own reward is virtue.
  47. The hen fills her belly grain by grain.
  48. What are your thoughts on the matter?
  49. Until you arrived, I had no idea how lonely my mother was.
  50. Only he who is in control of his passions is content.
  51. He must have been taken aback by my beauty.
  52. You must not put your own health at risk.
  53. My past is a mystery to me; I don’t know anything about it.
  54. My parents are having dinner at a restaurant.
  55. I noticed his photograph on your refrigerator.
  56. But I have no reservations about your word.
  57. Would you be willing to look after my home?
  58. Your debt has been settled.
  59. All of your plans came to fruition.
  60. Is it my turn to keep an eye on things?
  61. What would you do if you were in my shoes?
  62. Or have you made up your mind about leaving the next day?
  63. Don’t teach your grandmother how to eat eggs.
  64. I shifted my gaze to my fiancée.
  65. Before speaking, turn your tongue seven times.
  66. Have your pupils dilated?
  67. He’s offered to cover all of your expenses, including your flight down.
  68. Her or its own reward is virtue.
  69. That’s where I got my part.
  70. Take care of your geese when the fox preaches.
  71. To compensate someone in his own unique way.
  72. Bad workers frequently point the finger at their tools.
  73. Every bird enjoys having its own nest.
  74. I see how things are with your kids.
  75. What is the name of your father?
  76. Deliver your words by weight rather than by number.
  77. You are not required to speak.
  78. Put your white gown on.
  79. Close your mouth and keep your eyes open.
  80. I’ve made up my mind already.
  81. I’ll carry you across if you hop on my back.
  82. I see you’re getting your daily exercise.
  83. My wit continues to astound me.
  84. The home of an Englishman is his castle.
  85. I’ll roll my log while you roll yours.
  86. Charlot, bring me your Sunday suit.
  87. Follow your own path and let others speak for themselves.
  88. He who knows his trade works best.
  89. No, I’m referring to my horse.
  90. I’m going to focus all of my efforts on getting ready for our new baby.
  91. Cowards may die several times before dying.
  92. My car’s main purpose is to get me where I want to go.
  93. You can’t have your cake and eat it at the same time.
  94. My wife quickly regained her composure and smiled.
  95. She must’ve sensed my skepticism.
  96. My favorite character is her.
  97. Everything that comes into his net is a fish.
  98. Events to come cast their shadows in front of them.
  99. You’ll lose your friend if you lend your money.
  100. A man’s friends know who he is.
  101. I awoke to the full light of day.
  102. What would my responsibilities be?
  103. You’ve got your kids in your house.
  104. Yancey Giddon is my name.
  105. I’d like to play a role in your life.
  106. Every salesperson brags about his own products.
  107. On its stomach, an army marches.
  108. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my story.
  109. Even if it rains, don’t toss out your watering can.
  110. Brandon, you may now end your pitch.
  111. Yes. However, I enjoy caring for my children.
  112. My father was helpless in the face of his deteriorating health.
  113. Your responses were comprehensive.
  114. The case against her has been weakened by new evidence.
  115. Keep your etiquette in mind.
  116. I also didn’t want you to feel compelled to marry me in order to save my honor.
  117. She can’t wait for my education, but I can.
  118. We could use your assistance in figuring out how to remain anonymous.
  119. Would you recognize your daughter if you saw her in a group?
  120. I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.
  121. Dulce and Alondra are my other two daughters.
  122. Every heart is aware of its own acrimony.
  123. They most likely mixed up my blood sample.
  124. My phone number isn’t on any lists.
  125. I had a couple of dates with her, but she was way out of my league.
  126. There are no tomorrows on drunken days.
  127. She even took care of my reservations and secured a discount for me.
  128. Eduardo was your cousin, you said.
  129. I’m terrified of putting my foot in my mouth and making a mess.
  130. When the wind is calm, hoist your sail.
  131. Keep your rifles at the ready and stick together.
  132. My date is brief, but my reputation is unblemished.
  133. What does it matter if the dogs bark at the moon?
  134. Everyone has their own set of merits and flaws.
  135. I’m sure you’re apprehensive about driving my truck.
  136. Wise men have the ability to change their minds; fools never do.
  137. I need to get out of the car with my purse and clothes.
  138. Respond to a fool in accordance with his folly.
  139. I’m too close to achieving my objective to give up now.
  140. Tammy, this is my daughter.
  141. On his dunghill, a cock is brazen.
  142. Using your teeth to dig your own grave.
  143. Don’t try to make my case for me.
  144. Have you talked to my boss?
  145. Don’t count your chickens until they’ve hatched.
  146. But I’ve learned my lesson.
  147. Hen fills her belly grain by grain.
  148. All of my money is genuine.
  149. His kingdom is ruled by love without saying anything.
  150. We’re not going to eat your grain.
  151. Once I get my car, I’ll be fine.
  152. Were you able to see into your past?
  153. For a day, put yourself in my shoes.
  154. It’s impossible to have your cake and eat it.
  155. It’s my fault if it doesn’t work.
  156. A wicked person is his own personal hell.
  157. He isn’t my biological brother.
  158. Place your shoulder on the steering wheel.
  159. I was discussing the other side of my life.
  160. I did not abduct your father.
  161. Then don’t waste my time any longer.
  162. It’s none of my business what your brother’s sexual preferences are.
  163. Because of your actions, I have faith in you.
  164. Perhaps your father is waiting in the kitchen to assist you.
  165. Have you contacted my accountant?
  166. All I want is my own small space.
  167. I located my component.
  168. My room is at the end of the hall if you need anything.
  169. Assassinate my family?
  170. I did tinker with your wristwatch.
  171. Wise men correct their own flaws by pointing out the flaws of others.
  172. You’re referring to my mule.