20 Examples of Double Prepositions in Sentences

20 Examples of Double Prepositions in Sentences20 Examples of Double Prepositions in Sentences

  1. The valuables were kept safe inside the safe.
  2. Invert the cake onto a wire rack to cool.
  3. The sun peered out from behind the clouds shortly after.
  4. A custom without a reason is nothing more than an ancient blunder.
  5. There will never be a friend without flaws.
  6. Within minutes, the entire structure was on fire.
  7. Within two weeks, please pay the final invoice.
  8. You or One will never be able to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.
  9. A good maxim never goes out of style.
  10. Within an hour, I’ll be back.
  11. Tadpoles change into adults and emerge onto land.
  12. Within minutes, the entire house had caught fire.
  13. As he ran away, he was shot from behind.
  14. He went inside and turned on the light.
  15. There can’t be a good building without a solid foundation.
  16. The high hills are buffeted by strong winds.
  17. Something slammed into him from behind, knocking him out.
  18. There is no good that comes out of a place where there is no good.
  19. Work consumed the little free time I had outside of school.
  20. The moon emerged from behind the clouds for the first time.