100 Examples of Possessive Pronouns in Sentences

100 Examples of Possessive Pronouns in Sentences! Possessive pronouns are an important part of the English language. They are used to indicate ownership or possession of a particular noun. Knowing how to properly use possessive pronouns is an essential skill for proper communication. This article provides an extensive list of 100 examples of possessive pronouns in sentences so that readers can gain a better understanding of how these words work in the English language.

What are Possessive Pronouns?

Possessive pronouns are a type of pronoun that shows ownership or possession of something. They are used to replace a noun and show who or what something belongs to.

Here is a list of possessive pronouns:

  • my
  • your
  • his
  • her
  • its
  • our
  • their

For example, instead of saying “John’s car is red,” you could say “His car is red” using the possessive pronoun “his” to replace “John’s.”

Another example could be: “The cat licked its paws” using the possessive pronoun “its” to show ownership by the cat of its paws.

100 Examples of Possessive Pronouns in Sentences

100 Examples of Possessive Pronouns in Sentences

  1. Without education, genius is like gold in the mine.
  2. The house is theirs.
  3. The TV is theirs.
  4. Part of it was my fault, and part of it was yours.
  5. The bed is mine.
  6. The ring is yours.
  7. My land is separated from hers by a fence.
  8. The food is ours.
  9. The socks are yours.
  10. Their version of events contradicts ours.
  11. The backpack is his.
  12. The phone charger is mine.
  13. The red car parked over there is ours.
  14. The home of an Englishman is his
  15. The shoes are mine.
  16. The backpack is his.
  17. Her right hand is only a few inches away from mine.
  18. This is not yours.
  19. The bike helmet is his.
  20. Her or its reward is a virtue.
  21. The car is mine.
  22. The shirt is hers.
  23. As much as I enjoy it, it’s all mine.
  24. The cake is his.
  25. The cookies are ours.
  26. Every man is in charge of his
  27. The bike is yours.
  28. The computer mouse is yours.
  29. It’s yours for just £200 as a one-time payment.
  30. The movie is theirs to watch.
  31. The tickets are yours.
  32. He knelt and kissed her on the lips.
  33. That is hers.
  34. The assignment is hers.
  35. This is his book, not mine.
  36. The homework is yours.
  37. The kitchen is ours.
  38. My land and her land are separated by a fence.
  39. You can’t tell anything about a tree by looking at its
  40. The laptop is mine.
  41. The watch is yours.
  42. In a town like ours, there are few strangers.
  43. Don’t let your passion turn into an obsession.
  44. The pen is yours.
  45. The camera lens is mine.
  46. Every bird enjoys having its own nest.
  47. The baby reached out and placed his tiny hand in mine.
  48. The bike is his.
  49. The hairbrush is yours.
  50. His ideas are incompatible with mine.
  51. Please excuse me, but that is not your
  52. The pencil is hers.
  53. The computer screen is his.
  54. If you sell the cow, you must also sell her
  55. The tickets are mine.
  56. The camera is mine.
  57. Every cock has its dunghill to crow on.
  58. In the competition, our team triumphed over theirs.
  59. Every heart is aware of its
  60. The phone is mine.
  61. The cookies are theirs.
  62. The shoes are hers.
  63. The tie is yours.
  64. He offered to give her his camera in exchange for hers.
  65. The concert tickets are mine.
  66. The bike lock is his.
  67. His point of view eventually won out over theirs.
  68. The dress is hers.
  69. The car is theirs.
  70. Man is the architect of his well-being.
  71. This is mine.
  72. The project is ours.
  73. She doesn’t have any schools because she teaches her students one-on-one.
  74. The keys are yours.
  75. The book is his.
  76. He’s a true friend of mine.
  77. The letter is theirs.
  78. The bed is theirs.
  79. In comparison to mine, your room is enormous.
  80. Man is man, and he is the master of his
  81. The money is yours.
  82. The art supplies are ours.
  83. In terms of speed, my car is on par with yours.
  84. He who masters his rage defeats his greatest foe.
  85. The idea is hers.
  86. The earrings are hers.
  87. Is Bob a long-time acquaintance of yours?
  88. The dog is hers.
  89. The guitar is mine.
  90. With those big blue eyes of hers, she just stared at me.
  91. The shoes are theirs.
  92. The shirt is mine.
  93. His personality is a good match for hers.
  94. The ship is theirs to keep.
  95. The book is ours.
  96. The bookshelf is ours.
  97. His vacation falls on the same day as mine.
  98. Whoever does not repair his gutter also repairs his entire house.
  99. The watch is his.
  100. The dog bed is theirs.


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