100 Examples of Possessive Pronouns in Sentences

100 Examples of Possessive Pronouns in Sentences100 Examples of Possessive Pronouns in Sentences

  1. Every bird enjoys having its own nest.
  2. In comparison to mine, your room is enormous.
  3. The red car parked over there is ours.
  4. In terms of speed, my car is on par with yours.
  5. In a town like ours, there are few strangers.
  6. My land and her land are separated by a fence.
  7. His vacation falls on the same day as mine.
  8. His personality is a good match for hers.
  9. His ideas are incompatible with mine.
  10. The leader motioned for the rest of the group to follow her.
  11. Every cock has its own dunghill to crow on.
  12. Your dorm isn’t that much better than ours.
  13. Man is the architect of his own well-being.
  14. That gang of mine is disbanding due to wedding bells.
  15. For her mother, the girl threaded the needle.
  16. Their version of events contradicts ours.
  17. Without education, genius is like gold in the mine.
  18. Draining the flooded mine was a difficult task.
  19. This is your book, not mine.
  20. With those big blue eyes of hers, she just stared at me.
  21. He knelt and kissed her on the lips.
  22. Every man is in charge of his own destiny.
  23. If you sell the cow, you must also sell her milk.
  24. Her right hand is only a few inches away from mine.
  25. As much as I enjoy it, it’s all mine.
  26. It’s yours for just £200 as a one-time payment.
  27. In the competition, our team triumphed over theirs.
  28. His point of view eventually won out over theirs.
  29. She doesn’t have any schools because she teaches her students one-on-one.
  30. Before you point the finger at others, be aware of your own flaws.
  31. Part of it was my fault, and part of it was yours.
  32. You most likely took my keys instead of yours.
  33. His viewpoints are always in agreement with mine.
  34. This is his book, not mine.
  35. He offered to give her his camera in exchange for hers.
  36. My land is separated from hers by a fence.
  37. In comparison to hers, my salary is chicken feed.
  38. Is Bob a long-time acquaintance of yours?
  39. Her or its own reward is virtue.
  40. He’s a true friend of mine.
  41. The baby reached out and placed his tiny hand in mine.
  42. Man is man, and he is the master of his fate.
  43. The home of an Englishman is his castle.
  44. He who masters his rage defeats his greatest foe.
  45. Don’t let your passion turn into an obsession.
  46. You can’t tell anything about a tree by looking at its bark.
  47. Whoever does not repair his gutter also repairs his entire house.
  48. The ship is theirs to keep.
  49. Please excuse me, but that is not your property.
  50. The majority of our failures are due to self-doubt.
  51. Every heart is aware of its own acrimony.
  52. I’ll roll my log while you roll yours.