50 Examples of Countable Nouns in Sentences

50 Examples of Countable Nouns in Sentences50 Examples of Countable Nouns in Sentences

  1. Your brother and you will split the cake.
  2. This toy machine gun is simple to disassemble.
  3. A tame animal is a cat.
  4. Maria had a crush on a boy from the corner.
  5. The room was bright and cheery, with pine paneling.
  6. Ignorance is the child of prejudice.
  7. It was packaged in a small box.
  8. They made the decision to upgrade their computer systems.
  9. The back of the dress fastens.
  10. The king managed to flee by impersonating a young girl.
  11. What happens at night becomes visible during the day.
  12. Fearful, the dog crept into a corner.
  13. Each animal occupies a specific ecological niche.
  14. Her flimsy dress made her feel cold.
  15. A computer programme that is divided into segments.
  16. He hangs out with a nice group of lads.
  17. At the box office, the film was a flop.
  18. To secure the box, I used tape.
  19. The ball was kicked away by the boy.
  20. The sobbing girl was consoled by her mother’s words.
  21. The machine gun screamed right above our heads.
  22. With his gun, he shot the bird.
  23. I saw him light up a cigarette.
  24. The gentleman is not defined by his gay coat.
  25. I kept my gun pointed straight at his eyes.
  26. The soldier drew his gun.
  27. He rescued the boy from drowning.
  28. In that room, I heard a girl squeal.
  29. In this stuffy room, we need some fresh air!
  30. She snatched the boy from behind and dragged him away.
  31. The catapult was handed over to the teacher by the boy.
  32. The little girl went into the cellar to hide.
  33. This animal‘s muscle fibers are infected.
  34. The bridge is notable for its enormous size.
  35. The young girl purchased a lovely handbag.
  36. You look great in that dress.
  37. Every mother considers her child to be lovely.
  38. Her brother owns and operates a record shop in Chester.
  39. Some visitors prefer to dress up for dinner.
  40. Every mother’s son or child is attractive.
  41. I came across a group of kids who were having fun.
  42. He was fired for misusing a computer.
  43. He is unconcerned about his dress.
  44. The animal became ill and died soon after.
  45. There is only enough room for three cars.
  46. Vultures swooped down on a slain animal.
  47. In English, there is still room for improvement.
  48. The road straightens out after the bridge.
  49. She was stabbed in the chest several times.
  50. His room is three times bigger than mine.