20 Examples of Quantitative Adjectives in Sentences

20 Examples of Quantitative Adjectives in Sentences! Quantitative adjectives are words used to describe the size, amount, or degree of something. They provide a useful way to accurately express information and can be found in many different languages. This article looks at 20 examples of quantitative adjectives in sentences in order to illustrate how they are used in everyday language.

20 Examples of Quantitative Adjectives in Sentences

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20 Examples of Quantitative Adjectives

  1. Substantial
  2. Each
  3. Insufficient
  4. Great
  5. Any
  6. Most
  7. Numerous
  8. Plenty of
  9. A little bit
  10. Either
  11. A little
  12. Couple
  13. Some
  14. Too
  15. Heavy
  16. So few
  17. Enough of
  18. Many
  19. Abundant
  20. Double

Examples of Quantitative Adjectives in Sentences

  1. The company experienced a substantial increase in profits this year.
  2. Each member of the team was responsible for completing their assigned tasks.
  3. The amount of funding provided was insufficient to cover the cost of the project.
  4. The CEO made a great effort to improve employee morale.
  5. Any customer who is dissatisfied with their purchase can return it for a full refund.
  6. Most people enjoy spending time with their friends and family.
  7. There were numerous complaints filed against the company for their poor customer service.
  8. We have plenty of food and drinks for everyone at the party.
  9. Would you like a little bit of sugar in your coffee?
  10. You can choose either a blue or a green shirt to wear.
  11. Could you please add a little more salt to the soup?
  12. The couple walked hand in hand along the beach.
  13. I have some free time this afternoon if you want to meet up.
  14. The suitcase was too heavy for me to lift by myself.
  15. There were so few people at the event that it was almost empty.
  16. We have enough of the supplies to last us through the week.
  17. There are many different types of fruit to choose from at the grocery store.
  18. The garden had an abundant harvest of vegetables this year.
  19. The recipe calls for double the amount of flour that we normally use.
  20. The new employee had several years of experience in the industry.

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