20 Examples of Adverbs of Time in Sentences

Time is an integral part of language, and adverbs of time are an important part of expressing ideas. Adverbs of time help to add clarity and precision to a sentence by providing information regarding when an event or action takes place. In this article, we will explore 20 examples of adverbs of time in sentences, as well as discuss the various types and uses of adverbs of time.

20 Examples of Adverbs of Time

  1. Formerly
  2. Often
  3. Later
  4. Earlier
  5. Today
  6. Still
  7. Previously
  8. Weekly
  9. Before
  10. Then
  11. Yet
  12. Fortnightly
  13. Regularly
  14. Early
  15. Frequently
  16. Normally
  17. Points of Time
  18. Monthly
  19. Occasionally
  20. Ever

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Examples of Adverbs of Time in Sentences

1- She usually takes the bus to work.

2- He immediately ran outside when he heard the alarm.

3- She rarely visits her grandparents these days.

4- We previously met at a conference last year.

5- They recently moved away from the city.

6- I never forget my mother’s birthday.

7- She often sings when she is alone.

8- He quickly finished the task before leaving.

9- We occasionally go to the movies together.

10- They regularly attend church on Sundays.

11- He finally solved the math equation.

12- She sometimes likes to go for a walk in the park.

13- I usually make breakfast before work.

14- They occasionally help out at the local shelter.

15- She immediately responded when he called her name.

16- We regularly attend yoga classes together.

17- He always reads the newspaper every morning.

18- She rarely misses her doctor’s appointments.

19- They frequently go on vacation in the summer.

20- I occasionally buy my mom flowers for no reason.

20 Examples of Adverbs of Time in Sentences

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