5 Examples of Adverbs of Manner in Sentences

Adverbs of manner are words that modify verbs and provide more information about the action. They can provide information on how, when, where, and to what extent an action is carried out. Knowing how to use adverbs of manner correctly in a sentence is essential for improving your writing. In this article, we will explore 10 examples of adverbs of manner used in sentences to illustrate their function.

Here are five different adverbs with their definitions and examples of how they can be used in sentences:

  1. Eagerly – in a way that shows enthusiasm or a strong desire to do something
  • She eagerly opened the present, hoping it was the book she had been wanting to read.
  • The children eagerly ran outside to play in the snow.
  • He eagerly agreed to take on the extra responsibility at work.
  1. Gracefully – in a way that is smooth and elegant, without being awkward or clumsy
  • The ballerina gracefully performed the complex routine with ease.
  • The swan glided gracefully across the lake.
  • The gymnast landed gracefully after completing her routine.
  1. Anxiously – in a way that shows worry or nervousness about something that may happen
  • She waited anxiously for her test results to be posted online.
  • The parents watched anxiously as their child underwent surgery.
  • The team members looked anxiously at the scoreboard, hoping they would win the game.
  1. Happily – in a way that shows pleasure or contentment
  • She happily agreed to join her friends for a night out.
  • The couple walked happily hand in hand along the beach.
  • The children played happily in the park until it was time to go home.
  1. Carefully – in a way that is cautious or attentive, in order to avoid mistakes or accidents
  • She carefully read the instructions before starting the project.
  • The driver carefully navigated through the narrow, winding road.
  • The surgeon carefully made the incision to avoid damaging any nerves or arteries.

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5 Examples of Adverbs of Manner in Sentences:

  1. She sings beautifully.
  2. He drove recklessly on the highway.
  3. The dog barked loudly at the mailman.
  4. The child ate his dinner messily with his hands.
  5. The athlete ran gracefully across the finish line.

5 Examples of Adverbs of Manner in Sentences