10 Examples of Adverbs of Manner in Sentences

Adverbs of manner are a type of adverb that describes the way in which an action is performed. They are incredibly useful when it comes to expressing your thoughts and ideas in writing and speaking. In this article, we will be looking at 10 examples of adverbs of manner in sentences to help demonstrate their importance and use. We will be exploring how these adverbs can enhance the meaning behind what is being said and add emphasis to particular statements.

10 Examples of Adverbs of Manner and Their Definitions

  1. Slowly: in a slow manner; at a slow pace
  2. Quickly: in a fast or speedy manner; at a high rate of speed
  3. Carefully: in a cautious manner; taking care not to make mistakes
  4. Happily: in a joyful or cheerful manner; with pleasure or satisfaction
  5. Loudly: in a manner that is loud or noisy; with a high volume
  6. Softly: in a gentle or quiet manner; with a low volume
  7. Seriously: in a solemn or grave manner; with sincerity and without humor
  8. Smoothly: in a manner that is even and consistent; without interruption or disruption
  9. Gracefully: in a manner that is elegant or stylish; with poise and fluidity
  10. Confidently: in a self-assured or assertive manner; with a strong belief in oneself.

10 Examples of Adverbs of Manner in Sentences 1

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10 Adverbs of Manner Sentences

  1. Using a butter knife, generously butter each slice.
  2. The adult conversation quickly bores children.
  3. Fruit does not ripen well in the shade.
  4. The stage designs are beautifully stunning.
  5. She sat waiting patiently for her turn.
  6. It is preferable to do well rather than say well.
  7. The sopranos performed beautifully.
  8. He treated everyone justly and without any bias.
  9. The shirt fits loosely and was comfortable to wear.
  10. She waited tensely for the results of the medical test.

10 Examples of Adverbs of Manner in Sentences