20 Examples of Corelative Conjunctions in Sentences

20 Examples of Corelative Conjunctions in Sentences20 Examples of Corelative Conjunctions in Sentences

  1. Neither fish nor flesh are allowed.
  2. There isn’t such a thing as bad press.
  3. This book does not appeal to you. I don’t know either.
  4. The government can’t afford to lose either group’s support.
  5. It’s a heinous act of theirs to say such things.
  6. Neither heads nor hanged messengers are acceptable options.
  7. Neither a pen nor a pencil have the ability to express.
  8. That’s a part of my life I’d rather forget about!
  9. Would it be too extravagant to purchase both?
  10. I’m not interested in either of them.
  11. On both sides, there is a lot to say.
  12. Parking is available on both sides of the street.
  13. Neither of them has a paid job right now.
  14. You won’t catch either hare if you chase after two.
  15. Neither he nor his companions returned.
  16. He lacks both talent and a desire to learn.
  17. I don’t eat meat, and neither does my husband.
  18. To colour cloth, either dye or paints are used.
  19. How can they justify such astronomical salaries?
  20. When a disagreement lasts for a long time, it means that both parties are wrong.
  21. Neither fish nor good red herring could be found.
  22. I’ve never heard such nonsense before!
  23. We live such a mundane existence.
  24. The women were both French.
  25. A door must either be closed or open.
  26. For both parties, a new direction was desired.
  27. You won’t catch either if you chase after two heares.