List of Verbs A to Z PDF and Infographics

List of Verbs A to Z PDF! A word used to describe an action, state, or occurrence. The verb is the name of an action that we perform. There are five forms of verbs in English. A verb is an action or state of being in a sentence.  Verbs are words that show action (run), state of being (exist), or occurrence (develop).

Here are some common examples of verbs:

  • He was playing cricket.
  • You were a great singer.
  • Ali was eating chocolate.

List of Verbs A to Z

Below is the list of verbs a to z:

Verbs with A

awaken await avow avoid
avert aver authorize authorize
audit attend attempt attack
attach astonish assure assume
assist assign assess assert
assent assay assault assail
ask ascertain ascend articulate
arrest arrange arise argue
arch arc approve appropriate
approach appreciate appraise apply
applaud appease appear appeal
apologize apologize anticipate antagonize
antagonize answer anoint annoy
announce annotate animate angle
analyze analyze amuse amend
amble alternate alter alphabetize
alphabetize allude allow allege
align alert air aim
aid agree agonize aggravate
afraid AFK affix affirm
advocate advise advertise advance
adorn adore admonish admit
admire administer adjust adhere
address add adapt act
acquire acquiesce acknowledge achieve
ache accuse accost accompany
accommodate accept accentuate accent
accelerate accede abuse abstain
absorb abscond abort abide
abbreviate abate    

Verbs with B

buzz buy button butcher
bustle bust buss bury
burst burrow burp burn
burble bundle bunch bump
bumble bully bulge build
bug buffet buff buckle
buck brush browse browbeat
brood broaden broadcast broach
bristle bring brighten bridle
bribe breeze breed breathe
break bray brawl brandish
braid brag brace box
bow bound bounce boss
bore bop boost boom
boo bonk bond bolt
bolster boggle bob boast
bluster blush blurt blunder
bluff bludgeon blubber blow
blot blossom block blink
blind bless blend bleed
bleat blather blat blaspheme
blare blanch blame bite
bind bid bicker betray
bet bestow beseech berate
bend bemoan bellow belittle
believe belch behold behave
begin beg befall become
beckon beautify beat bear
beam bay bawl bathe
bat bask bash barter
barrage bark barge bargain
bare banter banish bang
ball balance bake bait
baffle badmouth badger backtrack
backpedal backhand babble  

Verbs with C

cut cuss curve curtsy
curtsey curse curl cure
curb cup cuff cue
cuddle cry crush crunch
crumple crumble crowd crow
crouch cross crop croon
crook croak critique criticize
criticize crinkle cringe crimp
creep create crease crawl
crave crash crane cram
cradle crackle crack cozen
cower covet cover court
counteract counter count counsel
cough cosset corrupt corrode
correspond correct corner copy
cope coordinate cooperate cool
cook coo convulse convince
convict convey convert converse
converge convene control contribute
contradict contract contort continue
contest contend contemplate cont
consult construct constrict constrain
conspire consort console consign
consider conserve consent consecrate
conquer connote connect conjecture
congratulate confuse confront confiscate
confirm confine confide confess
confer conduct condone condescend
condemn concur conclude concentrate
concenter concede conceal compromise
compress comprehend compose comport
comply compliment complain compete
compel compare communicate commune
commit commiserate commentate comment
commend commence command comfort
combine comb color color
collide collect collapse coil
coerce coddle cock cobble
coax coach clutch cluck
club clothe close clop
clip clink cling clinch
climb click clench cleave
clear cleanse clean claw
classify clasp clash clarify
clap clang clamp clamor
clamber claim cite circle
cinch chuckle chuck chortle
chop choose chomp choke
chitter chisel chirr chirp
chip chinch chime chill
chide chew cherish cheer
check cheat chatter chat
chastise chasten chase charge
chaperone chant change challenge
certify center center celebrate
cease caw cavort caution
cause caterwaul categorize categorize
catch catcall catapult catalog
castle cast cash carve
cartwheel carry carol caress
careen care capture capitulate
caper canvass cantillate calm
call calculate cajole cackle

List of Verbs with D

dye dwell dust dunk
dump duel duck dub
dry drum drop droop
drool drone drivel drive
drip drink drill drift
dribble dress drench dream
drawl draw drape dramatize
dramatise drain drag draft
doze downplay download doubt
doublecheck dote doodle donate
doff dodge dodder divulge
divide divert dive dither
disuse disturb distrust distribute
distract distort distinguish distance
dissolve dissemble disrespect disregard
dispute disport display displace
disparage disobey dismount dismiss
dislodge dishevel disguise disfavour
disfavor disentangle discuss discriminate
discover discourage discombobulate disclose
disclaim discipline discern disbelieve
disapprove disappear disagree direct
dip dine dimple diminish
dim dilate digress digest
dig differentiate differ die
dictate diagnose devour develop
determine detect detach destroy
despoil despair design desecrate
describe descend deride deprive
deposit deplore depend deny
denounce demur demonstrate demand
delve deliver deliberate delete
delegate delay defy deflect
deflate define defile defer
defend deem deduce dedicate
decry decree decrease decorate
decline declare declaim decipher
decide decay debate deal
deadpan dazzle daydream dawdle
dash dart darken dare
dangle dandle dancewhirl dancewaltz
dancetwirl danceswirl dancesweep dancesidestep
danceshuffle danceright dancerhythm dancepromenade
danceleft danceleap dancelead dancejig
dancehop dancefollow dancedip dancecircle
dancecheek dancearm dance dampen
damage dally dabble dab

Verbs with E

eyeball eye exult extricate
extrapolate extract extinguish extend
express expound expose explore
exploit explain experience expect
expand exosculate exits exist
exhort exhibit exhale excuse
exclude exclaim exchange excavate
examine exaggerate evoke evaporate
evaluate evade etch estimate
establish espy escort escape
erase equivocate envy envision
envelop enunciate enumerate entwine
entreat entice enthuse entertain
enter entangle ensnare enshroud
enquire enlighten enlarge enjoy
enhance engulf engrave engage
enforce enfold energize endure
endorse endanger end encroach
encourage encounter encompass enclose
encircle encase emulate empty
empower employ emphasize emphasise
empathize empathise emerge embroider
embrace emboss embellish elude
elucidate elevate elect elbow
elaborate effuse educate edge
echo eavesdrop eat east

Verbs with F

fuss furrow furl fume
fumble fulfil fry frown
froth frolic frisk frighten
fret freeze freemorph free
frame found forumulate fortify
forsake form forgive forgewrite
forget forgeerase forgeaddress forge
forewarn foretell forecast force
forbid fondle follow fold
focus foam fly flutter
flute flush fluff flub
flow flout flourish flounder
flounce flop float flit
flirt flip fling flinch
flick flex flee flaunt
flatter flatten flash flare
flap flank flail fix
fit fish finish finger
find finalize fill file
fight fidget fiddle fib
fetch ferry fend fence
feint feign feel feed
fear fawn favour favor
fasten fantasize fancy fan
familiarize familiarise falter fall
fake faint fail face

Verbs with G

gyrate guzzle gush gurgle
gulp guide guffaw guess
guard guarantee grunt grump
grumble growl grow grovel
ground grouch grope groom
groan grit gripe grip
grind grin grimace grill
grieve greet graze gravitate
grate grasp grapple grant
grade grab govern gouge
gossip goose goggle gobble
goad go gnaw gnash
glower glow gloat glimpse
glide glare glance give
giggle gibber get gesture
gesticulate genuflect generalize gaze
gawk gauge gather gasp
gash gargle gape gambol
gamble gallop gallivant gag

Verbs with H

hypnotize hustle hush hurtle
hurt hurry hurrah hurl
hunt hunch humour humor
humiliate hum hug huff
huddle howl hover hound
horrify hope hop hoot
hook honk hone holler
hold hoist hog hobble
hoard hitch hit hiss
hint hinder hike hide
hiccup hew hesitate herald
hem help heft heed
hedge hector heckle heave
heat hearten hear health
heal head-butt head haul
hate hatch hasten hassle
harvest harry harmonize harm
hark harden harass hang
handle hand hammer halt
hallucinate hail haggle hack

Verbs with I

iterate irritate invoke invite
investigate invert inventory invent
introduce intone interview intervene
intertwine interrupt interrogate interpret
interlock interlace interject interfere
intercept interact insult instruct
instigate install inspire inspect
insist insinuate insert inscribe
inquire ink injure inject
initiate inhale ingest infuse
inform influence inflect inflate
inflame infest infer infect
indulge induce indicate indent
incriminate increase include incline
inch inaugurate improvise improve
imprison imprint impress impose
import imply implore implant
impede impart impale impair
immolate immerse imitate imbibe
imagine illustrate illuminate ignore
ignite idolize identify idealize

Verbs with J

jut justify jump jumble
juggle judge jostle jolt
joke join jog jingle
jiggle jibe jest jerk
jeer jangle jam jabber

Verbs with K

kowtow know knot knock
knit kneel knee knead
kiss kill kid kick
keep keen    

Verbs List with L

lurk lure lurch lunge
lumber lull lug lower
love lounge lose lope
loosen loop loom look
long loll loiter log
lock locate lob loaf
load live listen list
lisp linger limp lilt
like lighten light lift
lie lick license level
let lengthen lend leer
lecture leave leap lean
leaf lead lay lavish
launch laugh laud lather
latch lash lap languish
land lament lace label

A List of Verbs with M

mutter mutilate muss muse
murmur murder munch mumble
multiply mull mug muffle
mow move mouth mourn
mount mould motivate motion
mosey morph more mope
moor moo monitor mollycoddle
mollify molest mold moisten
modify model mock moan
mix misunderstand mistake misspell
miss mispronounce mislead misjudge
mishear misdirect mingle mine
mind mince mimic mime
milk migrate mewl mew
mesh meow mentor mention
mend menace memorize melt
meet meep meditate mediate
meddle measure meander mean
maunder maul matter mate
match massage mask mash
marvel marry market mark
march map manufacture manoeuvre
manipulate manhandle mangle maneuver
manage man make maintain

Verbs List with N

nuzzle nurse number nudge
notify notice note notch
normalize nominate nod nip
nicker nick nibble never
nestle nest neigh negotiate
neglect need neaten navigate
narrow narrate nap name
nail nag    

Verbs with O

own owe overturn overthrow
overtake overpower overlook overhear
overflow overdraw overdo overcompensate
overcome overbear overbalance outwit
outmanoeuvre outmaneuver outline outdo
osculate ornament originate orient
organize organise order orate
opt oppugn oppose opine
operate open ooze ooc
ogle officiate offer offend
occur occupy obtain obsess
observe oblige object obey

Verbs List with P

putter put push pursue
purse purr purchase punish
puncture punch pump pummel
pull puff pucker publicize
pry prowl provoke provide
prove protest protect prostrate
proposition propose prophesy prophesize
propel prop proofread pronounce
prong prompt promote promise
promenade project prohibit progress
prognosticate proffer profess produce
prod procure procrastinate proclaim
process proceed probe prise
print primp prick prevent
prevaricate pretend presume pressure
press preserve present prescribe
prepare prefer preen predict
precede preach pray prattle
prance praise practise practice
pout pour pound pounce
postulate post possess position
pose pore pop pontificate
ponder polish poke point
plunge plump plug pluck
plow plot plop plonk
plod pledge please plead
play plant plan plait
place placate pivot pity
pitch pipe pioneer pinpoint
pine pinch pin pilot
pile pierce picture pick
photograph phone philosophize philosophise
pet pester peruse persuade
perspire persist permit perk
perform perfect perch perceive
pelt peer peep peel
peek pedal peck pay
paw pause patronize patrol
patch pat pass participate
part parry parrot park
pardon paraphrase parade pant
panic pamper palpate palm
pale palaver paint paddle
pad pack pace  

Verbs with Q

quote quiz quiver quit
quirk quip quiet quicken
quibble queue question query
quaver quarrel qualify quake
quail quaff quack  

Verbs with R

rustle rush run rumormonger
rummage ruminate rumble rule
ruin ruffle rub rouse
round rotate rot romp
roll rock rob roast
roar roam risk rise
riposte rip rinse ring
rifle riffle ridicule ride
riddle rid rhyme rhapsodize
reword reward revoke revise
review revert reverse revere
revel reveal return retrieve
retreat retract retort retire
retell retch retaliate resume
restructure restrain restate rest
respond respect resolve resist
resign reside resent research
rescue rescind request repulse
repudiate reproduce reproach reprimand
repress represent reposition report
reply replace rephrase repent
repel repeat repair repack
reorganize render rend remove
remonstrate reminisce remind remember
remark remain rely relish
relinquish relent release relay
relax relate rejoice reject
reiterate reintroduce reinforce reign
rehabilitate regulate regret regard
regale regain refute refuse
refrain refocus reflect refine
refill reference refer re-evaluate
reel reduce rediscover redirect
redden recuperate recruit recruit
recover recount record reconsider
reconcile recommend recollect recoil
recognize recognise recline reclaim
reckon recite reciprocate receive
recap recall rebuke rebuff
reattach reassure reassess reassert
reason rearrange realize realise
realign reaffirm ready readjust
readall read react reacquaint
reach rave ravage rattle
rationalize rationalise ratify rate
rasp rap rant ransack
rank ramble ram rally
rake raise rain rage
radiate race    

Verbs with S

systemize sympathize sympathise symbolize
swoon swivel switch swish
swirl swipe swing swim
swill swerve swell sweep
sweat swear sway swat
swallow swagger swab susurrate
suspend suspect survey surround
surrender surprise surmise surge
suppose support supply supplement
supervise sunder summon summarize
summarise sulk suit suggest
suffer suck succumb succeed
subtract subside submit submerse
submerge sublet subdue style
stutter stump stumble stuff
study strut strum struggle
structure stroll stroke strive
strip string strike stride
stretch stress strengthen streamline
streak stray strap strangle
strain straighten straddle stow
storypoint storm store stop
stoop stomp stoke stockpile
stock stitch stir stipulate
stink sting stimulate still
stifle stiffen stick step
steer steeple steal steady
stay station state stash
startle start stare stand
stamp stammer stall stalk
stain stagger stack stabilize
stab squish squirt squirm
squint squeeze squeal squeak
squawk squat squash square
squall spy sputter spurn
spur sprout sprint sprinkle
spring spread spray sprawl
spot spoil splutter split
splinter splay splash spite
spit spin spill spike
spend spell speed speculate
specify speak spasm sparkle
spark spare spank span
sow sound sough sort
soothsay soothe somersault solve
soften socialize socialise social
sober sob soak snuggle
snuffle snuff snub snow
snort snore snooze snivel
snitch snipe snip snigger
sniffle sniff snicker sneeze
sneer sneak snatch snarl
snap snake smush smudge
smoulder smother smooth smooch
smolder smoke smite smirk
smile smell smear smash
smack slurp slur slump
slumber slow slouch slosh
slobber slither slit slip
slink sling slide slick
slice sleep slay slather
slash slap slander slam
skulk skitter skip skim
skid ski skewer sketch
size sit sip sink
sing sin simplify simper
simmer silence signal sign
sigh sift sidle sidestep
shut shush shuffle shudder
shrug shrink shriek shred
shower showcase show shovel
shove shout shoulder shorten
shop shoot shoo shock
shiver shirk shine shift
shield shelter shed sheathe
shear shave shatter sharpen
share shape shamble shake
shade sew sever settle
set service serve serenade
separate sentence sense sell
select seize seethe seep
seend seem seek see
secure section search seam
seal scuttle scurry scuff
scrutinize scrutinise scrunch scrub
scribe scribble screw screech
scream scrawl scratch scrape
scramble scowl scour scorn
score scorch scoot scoop
scold scoff school scheme
schedule scatter scare scan
scamper scale say saw
savour savor save savage
saunter saturate satisfy satirize
sashay salvage salute salivate
sail sack    

Verbs with T

type twitter twitch twist
twirl twinkle twine twiddle
tweeze tweak tutor turn
tune tumble tug tuck
try trust trundle trumpet
trudge trounce troubleshoot trouble
trot trivialize triumph trip
trim trill trick tremble
tred treat treasure tread
traverse travel trap transport
transmit translate transform transfer
transcribe trample tramp traipse
train trail trade track
trace toy tower tow
tousle tour toughen touch
totter tote toss topple
toot tolerate toil toe
toddle toast titter tisk
tire tiptoe tip tinkle
tinker tingle time tilt
tighten tie tidy tickle
tick thwap thwack thunder
thump thumb thrust throw
throttle thrive threaten thread
thrash think theorize theorise
thaw thank testify test
terrify tense tend tempt
temper tell telephone teeter
tease tear teach taunt
tattoo tattle taste task
target tap tantalize tangle
tame tally talk take
tailor tackle tabulate  

List of Verbs with U

utter utilize usher use
urge upset uphold upgrade
update unwrap unwind unwield
unwear unveil untwist untwine
untuck untie untangle unroll
unravel unpin unpack unmask
unmake unlock unleash unlace
unknot unite unify unhook
unhand unfurl unfold unfocus
unfasten undulate undress undo
undertake understate understand undergo
uncurl uncross uncover uncoil
unclench unclasp unbutton unbuckle
unbraid unbind unbend ululate

List of Verbs with V

vow vouch vote vomit
volunteer volley vociferate vocalize
vocalise vituperate visualize visualise
visit view vibrate vex
verify verbalize venture vent
veer vault vanish validate

List of Verbs with W

writhe write wrinkle wring
wriggle wrestle wrest wrench
wreck wrap wrangle wrack
worship worry work woo
wonder wobble witness withstand
withhold withdraw wish wipe
wink windmill wind wince
win wilt wiggle wield
widen whoop whoami who
whittle whistle whisper whisk
whirl whip whinny whine
whimper whet wheeze wheedle
whack wet wend welcome
weigh weep wedge wed
weave wear waver wave
water watch waste wash
warp warn warm warble
want wander waltz wallow
wallop walk wake wait
wail waggle wager wag
waft wade waddle  

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List of Verbs A to Z (Infographics)

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