100 Examples of Adverbs of Manner in Sentences

100 Examples of Adverbs of Manner in Sentences100 Examples of Adverbs of Manner in Sentences

  1. Our water supply was quickly depleted due to the dry spell.
  2. When the well reaches capacity, it will overflow.
  3. I ate too quickly and developed hiccoughs as a result.
  4. When one is passionate about their work, no service seems too hard.
  5. He appears to bumble along happily enough in life.
  6. The chairs were hard and uncomfortably uncomfortable.
  7. “How are you doing?” she inquired softly.
  8. When there is no wind, sailing is hard.
  9. The kids were happily playing with their toys.
  10. I sat patiently waiting for the wedding to end.
  11. It’s hard to find a trustworthy friend.
  12. It is preferable to do well than to say well.
  13. He could write beautifully by the age of seven.
  14. I’m raising money for the Red Cross. Please consider giving generously.
  15. He was softly whistling to himself.
  16. It is simple to open a shop, but it is more hard to keep it open all of the time.
  17. The value of new cars depreciates quickly.
  18. He happily accepted the election result.
  19. To do well, rather than to say well.
  20. As loudly as the Queen appeared, the crowd erupted in applause.
  21. After death, most animals decompose quickly.
  22. The single-holed mouse is quickly snatched up.
  23. The new song was a huge hit right quickly.
  24. I’m a happily married man.
  25. Love and poverty are hard to conceal.
  26. He generously made up the difference.
  27. He yelled so loudly that he could be heard throughout the neighborhood.
  28. Fine words don’t break bones, and hard words don’t make parsnips buttery.
  29. She softly shut the door behind her.
  30. Until his thirst was quenched, he drank greedily.
  31. She sighed happily as she looked at her son.
  32. She dispensed the food quickly.
  33. Who does well is evident in their work.
  34. He who lives well has accumulated enough knowledge.
  35. James accepted the bank’s generously compensated position.
  36. Behind the wheel, the driver sat patiently.
  37. My steak was beautifully tender.
  38. He murmured softly, “What a fool I’ve been.”
  39. The army quickly put down the rebellion.
  40. He worked patiently for the most part.
  41. She collapsed and yelled loudly.
  42. An iron bar is hard to bend.
  43. In the background, the engines whined softly.
  44. Everything is going beautifully.
  45. The book is printed beautifully on high-quality paper.
  46. She sang the baby to sleep patiently.
  47. I’d happily accompany you.
  48. It’s simple to fall into a trap, but it’s much hard to escape.
  49. The baby was happily babbling in his high chair.
  50. In the garden, the kids were romping around happily.
  51. Outside, the kids were happily playing in the dirt.
  52. As he walked along, the boy whistled happily.
  53. He works hard to maintain his physical fitness.
  54. The audience applauded loudly, indicating their approval.
  55. While she was getting ready, he patiently waited.
  56. All hard hearts are softened by love.
  57. She screamed it out as loudly as she could.
  58. He spoke softly.
  59. “Hello Anna,” he said softly as he got closer to her.
  60. He was softly singing to the baby.
  61. The mouth of an adversary rarely speaks well.
  62. He said softly, “Don’t cry.”