3 Degrees of Sharp, Comparative Degree of Sharp, Superlative Degree of Sharp

Meaning of Sharp: having an edge that is able to cut

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Sharp

The comparative degree of Sharp is the sharper, superlative degree of Sharp is the sharpest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Sharp sharper sharpest

Examples Using Positive Degree Of Sharp:

  • The sharp knife sliced through the vegetables effortlessly.
  • She could feel the sharp edges of the broken glass.
  • His wit was as sharp as a razor.
  • The surgeon made a sharp incision to remove the tumor.
  • The hiker carefully navigated the sharp rocks along the trail.
  • The dancer’s movements were precise and sharp.
  • The teacher’s sharp criticism motivated the student to improve.
  • The photographer captured the sharp details of the flower petals.
  • The chef used a sharp blade to chop the onions quickly.
  • The detective had a sharp mind for solving complex puzzles.

Example Using Comparative Degree Of Sharp:

  • The chef’s knife is sharper than the butter knife.
  • Her vision became sharper after getting new glasses.
  • The second draft of the essay was sharper than the first.
  • The athlete’s reflexes were sharper after intense training.
  • The detective’s instincts were sharper than ever before.
  • The new razor provided a sharper shave than the old one.
  • The debate team’s arguments were sharper than their opponents.
  • The comedian’s jokes in the second act were sharper and funnier.
  • The photographer’s lens captured sharper images in low light.
  • The critic’s review was sharper than most others.

Example Using Superlative Degree Of Sharp:

  • The samurai sword is the sharpest weapon ever created.
  • Her memory is the sharpest among all her siblings.
  • The chef’s knife is one of the sharpest in the kitchen.
  • The mountain peak had the sharpest cliffs in the region.
  • The surgeon’s scalpel is the sharpest tool in the operating room.
  • Among all the students, she has the sharpest analytical skills.
  • The photograph captured the sharpest details of the subject.
  • The actor’s wit is considered the sharpest in the industry.
  • The painter’s brushstrokes are the sharpest in his latest masterpiece.
  • The critic’s tongue is known to be the sharpest in the business.

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