3 Degrees of Nice, Comparative Degree of Nice, Superlative Degree of Nice

Meaning of Nice: giving pleasure or satisfaction

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Nice

Comparative degree of Nice is nicer, superlative degree of Nice is nicest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Nice nicer nicest

Examples Using Positive Degree Of Nice:

  • She has a nice smile and a warm personality.
  • The weather is nice for a picnic today.
  • I received a nice compliment from my boss.
  • They live in a nice neighborhood with friendly neighbors.
  • The hotel room had a nice view of the beach.
  • We enjoyed a nice dinner at the restaurant.
  • He gave me a nice gift for my birthday.
  • The park has a nice playground for children.
  • The hotel staff was very nice and helpful.
  • We had a nice conversation during the meeting.

Example Using Comparative Degree Of Nice:

  • Her dress is nicer than mine for the occasion.
  • The weather today is nicer than yesterday.
  • This restaurant has a nicer ambiance than the other one.
  • His car is nicer and more comfortable than mine.
  • The hotel room has a nicer view compared to the other one.
  • She made a nicer cake than I did.
  • The new phone has a nicer camera than the previous model.
  • This hotel has nicer amenities than the other one.
  • The second option is nicer for a vacation destination.
  • The upgraded version has a nicer user interface.

Example Using Superlative Degree Of Nice:

  • Her dress is the nicest one at the party.
  • The weather today is the nicest we’ve had all week.
  • This restaurant has the nicest staff in town.
  • His car is the nicest among his friends’ cars.
  • The hotel room has the nicest view in the entire hotel.
  • She made the nicest dessert for the party.
  • The new phone has the nicest camera on the market.
  • This hotel has the nicest swimming pool in the area.
  • The beach we visited was the nicest I’ve ever seen.
  • The upgraded version has the nicest features of all.

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