3 Degrees of Mad, Comparative Degree of Mad, Superlative Degree of Mad

Meaning of Mad: mentally ill; insane.

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Mad

The Comparative degree of mad is the madder, superlative degree of mad is the maddest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Mad madder maddest

Examples Using Positive Degree Of Mad:

  • He is mad at the traffic jam.
  • She became mad when her phone got stolen.
  • The toddler’s tantrums made the parents mad.
  • The teacher’s unfair grading system drove the students mad.
  • The customer’s rude behavior made the cashier mad.
  • The delays in the project made the manager mad.
  • The constant noise from the construction site made the neighbors mad.
  • The lost luggage made the traveler mad.
  • The broken air conditioner made the residents mad.
  • The computer virus wiped out all his files and made him mad.

Example Using Comparative Degree Of Mad:

  • She is madder than him about the situation.
  • The boss is madder at John than the other employees.
  • The children are madder at their parents for canceling the trip.
  • She is madder now than she was before.
  • The teacher is madder at the students for not completing their homework.
  • The driver next to us seems madder than we are.
  • The CEO is madder at the sales team than any other department.
  • He seems madder at himself for making that mistake.
  • The customer is madder at the company for poor service.
  • She is madder about the lost item than she initially thought.

Example Using Superlative Degree Of Mad:

  • She is the maddest person I know when she’s angry.
  • The boss is the maddest he’s ever been today.
  • The child had the maddest tantrum in the supermarket.
  • This is the maddest I’ve seen him in years.
  • The coach is the maddest he’s been all season.
  • The professor is the maddest I’ve ever seen him about cheating.
  • The customer had the maddest complaint the company has received.
  • The principal is the maddest he’s ever been about discipline.
  • The driver had the maddest road rage I’ve ever witnessed.
  • The patient had the maddest outburst in the hospital.

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