3 Degrees of Cruel, Comparative Degree of Cruel, Superlative Degree of Cruel

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Cruel

The comparative degree of cruel is crueler and the Superlative degree of cruel is cruelest. Here is the comparative and superlative degree for cruel.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Cruel crueler cruelest

Examples Using Positive Degree of cruel:

  • It was a cruel joke that left everyone upset.
  • The dictator ruled with a cruel and iron fist.
  • She couldn’t believe he could be so cruel to his pet.
  • The cruel treatment of animals sparked public outrage.
  • The villain in the story was known for his cruel acts.
  • The cruel remark brought tears to her eyes.
  • He found pleasure in playing cruel pranks on his friends.
  • The cruel reality of war became apparent to him.
  • The child felt abandoned and cruel when his parents divorced.
  • The cruel punishment seemed disproportionate to the offense.

Example Using Comparative Degree of cruel:

  • The abuse she suffered was crueler than anyone could imagine.
  • The second book in the series delves into crueler plots.
  • The dictator’s reign in the sequel became even crueler.
  • The crueler the villain got, the more the audience despised him.
  • The twist in the story made the antagonist’s actions crueler.
  • The reality TV show took a crueler turn in the latest season.
  • The protagonist faced a crueler fate in the alternate ending.
  • The teacher’s punishments grew crueler as the semester progressed.
  • The crueler the weather got, the more difficult the journey became.
  • The protagonist’s rival became crueler with each encounter.

Example Using Superlative Degree of cruel:

  • The dictator’s regime was the cruelest in history.
  • The movie portrayed the villain as the cruelest character ever created.
  • The book depicted the antagonist as the cruelest of all villains.
  • The cruelest punishment awaited those who defied the tyrant.
  • The reality show’s challenges became the cruelest in the final round.
  • The harshest critique came from the cruelest judge on the panel.
  • The protagonist faced the cruelest trials in the last act.
  • The bully’s actions were deemed the cruelest in the school’s history.
  • The villain’s plan was the cruelest scheme ever devised.
  • The prison warden was known for his cruelest punishments.

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