3 Degrees of Chubby, Comparative Degree of Chubby, Superlative Degree of Chubby

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Chubby

Comparative degree of chubby is chubbier and Superlative degree of chubby is chubbiest. Here is the comparative and superlative degree for chubby.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Chubby chubbier chubbiest

Examples Using Positive Degree of chubby:

  • The baby has such a chubby face.
  • She has adorable, chubby cheeks.
  • His little fingers are so chubby.
  • The puppy has a chubby belly.
  • I love her chubby little hands and feet.
  • The toddler has a cute chubby body.
  • The chubby cat is always napping in the sun.
  • The chubby cheeks make her look so cute.
  • He has a round, chubby face like a cherub.
  • The chubby baby elephant is incredibly cute.

Example Using Comparative Degree of chubby:

  • Her cheeks are chubbier than her sister’s.
  • The baby’s legs are getting chubbier every day.
  • His arms have become chubbier since he started weightlifting.
  • The puppy’s belly is getting chubbier as it grows.
  • She has the chubbier hands compared to her friends.
  • The toddler is getting chubbier as he eats more.
  • The cat has gotten chubbier since we adopted it.
  • Her cheeks have become chubbier as she gained weight.
  • He has a chubbier face now that he’s in his teenage years.
  • The baby elephant’s legs are getting chubbier with age.

Example Using Superlative Degree of chubby:

  • She has the chubbiest cheeks I’ve ever seen.
  • The baby has the chubbiest legs in the family.
  • His arms are the chubbiest among his friends.
  • The puppy has the chubbiest belly of all the puppies.
  • She has the chubbiest hands compared to everyone else.
  • The toddler has the chubbiest body in the daycare.
  • The cat is the chubbiest among our pets.
  • Her cheeks are the chubbiest among her siblings.
  • He has the chubbiest face in the class.
  • The baby elephant is the chubbiest in the herd.

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