100 Sentences Using ‘SHOULD’, SHOULD in Example Sentences

The use of imperative sentences is an important part of English grammar. Imperative sentences provide instructions, requests, and advice in the form of commands. In this article, we will focus on one type of imperative sentence: the sentence using “should.” We will discuss how to use “should” in a sentence, provide examples of its usage, and explore the nuances associated with its use. With this knowledge, readers should be able to confidently incorporate “should” into their own writing.

How to Use Should in Sentences?

“Should” is a modal verb that can be used to indicate obligation, suggestion, advice, or expectation. Here are some examples of how to use “should” in sentences:

  1. Obligation:
  • You should always wear a seatbelt when driving.
  • Students should study for exams to get good grades.
  1. Suggestion:
  • You should try this new restaurant in town.
  • You should consider taking a break from work to avoid burnout.
  1. Advice:
  • You should see a doctor if your headache persists.
  • If you want to lose weight, you should exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet.
  1. Expectation:
  • She should arrive at the airport by 9 PM.
  • They should finish the project by next week.

In all cases, “should” is followed by the base form of the verb. Keep in mind that “should” is not as strong as “must” or “have to” when it comes to obligation. It’s also important to use “should” appropriately and in the right context to avoid confusion or misunderstandings.

should in example sentences

100 Sentences Of Should

  1. He should be more respectful to women.
  2. It should be easier to find a job with a college degree.
  3. You should be honest with yourself.
  4. We should be more empathetic towards others.
  5. He should apologize when he’s wrong.
  6. I should read more news articles.
  7. She should learn how to swim.
  8. I should call my friends more often.
  9. We should be kind to others.
  10. I should try a new restaurant.
  11. We should be more understanding of cultural differences.
  12. They should be more open-minded.
  13. They should be more grateful for what they have.
  14. He should be more organized.
  15. They should be more environmentally conscious.
  16. He should be more respectful to his elders.
  17. He should be more punctual.
  18. They should take a break and rest.
  19. We should take care of our physical health.
  20. She should take a dance class.
  21. She should pursue her passion.
  22. They should be more mindful of their words.
  23. We should arrive early to avoid traffic.
  24. She should take a public speaking class.
  25. I should learn a new language.
  26. You should be more patient with others.
  27. He should be more honest.
  28. He should quit smoking for his health.
  29. She should apologize for her mistake.
  30. He should be more selfless.
  31. She should start a new hobby.
  32. She should be more confident.
  33. I should practice mindfulness.
  34. It should be a great experience.
  35. They should save more money for the future.
  36. He should ask for help when he needs it.
  37. You should try to be more understanding.
  38. She should follow the doctor’s instructions.
  39. We should learn from our mistakes.
  40. We should be more compassionate towards others.
  41. I should have studied more for the exam.
  42. They should be more supportive of each other.
  43. It should take about an hour to get there.
  44. She should learn how to cook.
  45. She should read more books.
  46. I should take a break from social media.
  47. I should start a new hobby.
  48. You should always say please and thank you.
  49. You should always be true to yourself.
  50. They should take responsibility for their mistakes.
  51. You should get a flu shot every year.
  52. They should listen to both sides of an argument.
  53. He should be more patient with children.
  54. They should clean up their room.
  55. We should donate to charity to help those in need.
  56. You should always wear a seatbelt in the car.
  57. It should be a productive meeting.
  58. She should take a break from social media.
  59. I should start saving for retirement.
  60. It should be a good movie.
  61. I should call my parents more often.
  62. We should respect people’s opinions even if we don’t agree.
  63. You should listen to your parent’s advice.
  64. They should be more grateful for their education.
  65. He should learn how to fix things around the house.
  66. She should try new things.
  67. He should be more careful when driving.
  68. They should spend more time with their family.
  69. You should never give up on your dreams.
  70. They should practice good hygiene.
  71. It should stop raining soon.
  72. I should be more organized.
  73. It should be a peaceful protest.
  74. I should eat more fruits and vegetables.
  75. He should learn how to play an instrument.
  76. We should be more patient with ourselves.
  77. You should always wear good clothes.
  78. We should take care of our mental health.
  79. You should always wear sunscreen.
  80. It should be a successful event.
  81. We should volunteer in our community.
  82. She should take a break and relax.
  83. I should start exercising regularly.
  84. He should be more proactive.
  85. It should be a fun activity.
  86. You should never judge someone based on their appearance.
  87. I should get more sleep.
  88. It should be a memorable vacation.
  89. It should be a well-written book.
  90. We should be grateful for the little things.
  91. She should take a chance and ask him out.
  92. You should take responsibility for your actions.
  93. I should learn how to meditate.
  94. It should be a fun event.
  95. It should be warm outside today.
  96. We should recycle to help the environment.
  97. It should be a great opportunity.
  98. You should be respectful to others.
  99. You should ask for permission before borrowing something.
  100. They should be more inclusive.

Negative Sentences Using Should

Here are some examples of negative sentences using “should”:

  • You shouldn’t drink and drive.
  • They shouldn’t have ignored your advice.
  • He shouldn’t be so careless with his belongings.
  • She shouldn’t have said that to him.
  • We shouldn’t procrastinate on this project.
  • The company shouldn’t have cut corners on safety measures.
  • You shouldn’t skip breakfast if you want to stay healthy.
  • They shouldn’t have treated you that way.
  • He shouldn’t have lied about his qualifications.
  • She shouldn’t have spent all her money on clothes.

Interrogative Sentences Using Should

Here are some examples of interrogative sentences using “should”:

  1. Should I stay or should I go?
  2. Shouldn’t we be heading to the airport now?
  3. Should you really be eating that much junk food?
  4. Shouldn’t he be studying for his exams instead of playing video games?
  5. Shouldn’t we discuss this matter further before making a decision?
  6. Shouldn’t they have told us about the change in schedule earlier?
  7. Should I apologize to her for what I said yesterday?
  8. Shouldn’t we be wearing masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19?
  9. Shouldn’t you be saving more money for your future?
  10. Shouldn’t we ask for help if we don’t understand something?


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