50 Sentences Using ‘MUST’, MUST in Example Sentences

We all know how important it is to use correct grammar, especially when speaking and writing in English. Using the correct verb forms is a key part of ensuring your sentences are structured correctly, and using the modal verb ‘must’ is an important part of this. In this article, we will explore 50 examples of sentences using ‘must’, so you can understand how to use it correctly in your own writing.

How to Use Must in A Sentence?

“Must” is a modal verb used to express obligation, necessity, or certainty. Here are some examples of how to use “must” in a sentence:

  1. Obligation: I must study for my exam tonight. (It’s necessary for me to study, and I feel obligated to do so.)
  2. Necessity: You must drink plenty of water when you’re exercising. (It’s necessary for your health to drink water, and there’s no alternative.)
  3. Certainty: He must be exhausted after running a marathon. (Based on the circumstances, it’s certain or highly likely that he’s exhausted.)

must in example sentences

50 Sentences Of Must

  1. They must have gone to the wrong address.
  2. You must follow the instructions carefully.
  3. She said I must help out around the house more often.
  4. We must take care of the environment.
  5. She must have a talent for music.
  6. We must be open to new ideas.
  7. You must ensure that all safety procedures are followed correctly.
  8. She must have a good sense of humor.
  9. You must ask for help if you need it.
  10. You must keep trying even when it seems impossible to reach your goals.
  11. I must be at the airport by 6 am.
  12. He must have a good memory to remember all of that.
  13. He must have forgotten his wallet at home.
  14. They must have been stuck in traffic.
  15. You must be patient when learning a new skill.
  16. She says that I must finish this task by tomorrow.
  17. You must be careful when driving on icy roads.
  18. She must have a good memory for faces.
  19. I must always be prepared for any situation.
  20. She must be tired after working all day.
  21. We must be kind to others.
  22. We must always be kind and respectful to others.
  23. They must have had a great time at the party.
  24. On this Sunday, we must clean the house.
  25. He must have a lot of knowledge about history.
  26. We must always keep things organized and tidy.
  27. I must pay my bills on time.
  28. He must have been nervous before the job interview.
  29. They must have lost their keys.
  30. We must respect other people’s opinions.
  31. They said I must complete all my homework before school starts again tomorrow morning.
  32. We must make sure that we do not waste any time.
  33. They must have forgotten about the appointment.
  34. We must finish this project before the deadline.
  35. He must have been surprised by the news.
  36. He must have been impressed by the performance.
  37. She must have a lot of patience to deal with difficult people.
  38. I must finish this book before the library’s due date.
  39. We must be grateful for the opportunities we have.
  40. I must call my parents to let them know I’m okay.
  41. We must not forget that we are never alone on this journey.
  42. I must finish this project before the deadline.
  43. I must practice hard if I want to get better at playing basketball.
  44. He must have a talent for writing.
  45. They must have missed the train.
  46. They must have been lost in the city.
  47. They said I must go to the store and buy food.
  48. He must have a lot of experience in the field.
  49. I must buy some groceries on the way home.
  50. You must apologize for what you said.

Interrogative Sentences Using Must

  1. Must I attend the meeting tomorrow?
  2. What must I do to get a passing grade in this course?
  3. Must we finish this project by the end of the week?
  4. What must we bring for the camping trip?
  5. Must you always talk so loudly?
  6. What must I say to convince you to change your mind?
  7. Must we wait for the bus or can we walk to the station?
  8. What must we consider before making a final decision?
  9. Must I wear a suit for the job interview?
  10. What must we do to prepare for the upcoming exam?

Sentences With Must Not

  1. You must not smoke in this building.
  2. Drivers must not exceed the speed limit.
  3. Students must not cheat on exams.
  4. Employees must not disclose confidential information.
  5. Visitors must not enter restricted areas.
  6. We must not forget to lock the doors before leaving.
  7. Children must not play with matches or lighters.
  8. You must not use your mobile phone during the exam.
  9. Patients must not eat or drink before the surgery.
  10. The company must not discriminate against any employee based on race, gender, or religion.

Must-Have Sentences Examples

  1. You must have a valid ID to enter the building.
  2. He must have been tired after running for three hours straight.
  3. They must have left early because the office is empty.
  4. She must have studied a lot to get such good grades.
  5. The food must have gone bad because it smells rotten.
  6. He must have forgotten his phone at home.
  7. The package must have been delivered already because it’s not in the mailroom.
  8. She must have been scared to jump out of the plane, but she did it anyway.
  9. He must have been joking when he said that.
  10. The car must have broken down because it won’t start.


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