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100 Examples of Verbs in Sentences PDF! Verbs are the action words that give life to language. Without them, sentences lack purpose and can become dull and boring. Knowing how to use different types of verbs correctly is an essential part of effective communication.

This article will provide readers with 100 examples of verbs used in sentences so that they can better understand the importance of using correct verbs to convey their message. After reading this article, readers should have a greater understanding of how to properly use verbs within a sentence.

100 Examples of Verbs in Sentences

Here are 100 examples of verbs in sentences:

  1. The athlete competes in a race.
  2. The athlete runs a marathon.
  3. The baby crawls on the floor.
  4. The horse gallops in the field.
  5. The teacher lectures on the subject.
  6. The construction worker builds a new house.
  7. The gardener waters the plants in the garden.
  8. The musician plays the guitar.
  9. The dog fetches the ball.
  10. The painter mixes colors on the palette.
  11. The waiter serves the food to the customers.
  12. The writer outlines the plot of the story.
  13. The musician composes a new song.
  14. The actor performs in a play.
  15. The athlete throws the ball to a teammate.
  16. The sailor navigates the ship.
  17. The swimmer dives into the pool.
  18. The child learns the alphabet in school.
  19. The gardener plants new flowers.
  20. The athlete swings the bat at the ball.
  21. The fish swims in the aquarium.
  22. The painter brushes paint onto the canvas.
  23. The writer types on the keyboard.
  24. The farmer milks the cows.
  25. The police officer searches for clues.
  26. The dancer practices her routine.
  27. The actor performs a scene with a partner.
  28. He writes in his journal every night.
  29. The engineer designs a new product.
  30. The child builds a tower with blocks.
  31. She runs every morning.
  32. The athlete jumps over the hurdle.
  33. The cashier rings up the sale.
  34. The therapist listens to her patients.
  35. The baby cries when she’s hungry.
  36. The teacher explains a difficult concept.
  37. The firefighter rescues a kitten from a tree.
  38. The chef bakes a cake in the oven.
  39. The entrepreneur starts a new business.
  40. The writer researches information for a story.
  41. The teacher corrects the homework.
  42. The musician performs at a concert.
  43. The chef cooks a delicious meal.
  44. The singer performs on stage.
  45. The writer publishes a book.
  46. The police officer directs traffic.
  47. The photographer takes pictures of the sunset.
  48. The athlete dives into the water.
  49. The chef seasons the dish with spices.
  50. The police officer arrests a suspect.
  51. The musician improvises a melody.
  52. The sun shines brightly in the sky.
  53. The singer records a new album.
  54. The actor performs a monologue.
  55. The athlete trains for the competition.
  56. The child reads a book before bed.
  57. The athlete slides into home plate.
  58. The scientist conducts experiments in the lab.
  59. The chef sautees vegetables in a pan.
  60. The baby laughs at the silly faces.
  61. The child pretends to be a superhero.
  62. The child draws a picture with crayons.
  63. The librarian shelves books.
  64. The scientist publishes a research paper.
  65. The baker decorates a cake with frosting.
  66. The lawyer defends his client in court.
  67. The artist paints a beautiful landscape.
  68. The teacher grades papers.
  69. The dog barks at the mailman.
  70. The athlete stretches before exercising.
  71. They dance at the party.
  72. The musician tunes his instrument before playing.
  73. The mechanic fixes the car.
  74. The musician harmonizes with the band.
  75. The bird sings in the morning.
  76. The child shares his toys with his friend.
  77. The cat pounces on the toy.
  78. The athlete lifts weights at the gym.
  79. The pilot flies the plane.
  80. The lawyer settles a case out of court.
  81. The student pays attention in class.
  82. The actor auditions for a role.
  83. The farmer harvests crops from the field.
  84. The student studies for the exam.
  85. The artist sculpts a statue out of clay.
  86. The hiker climbs the mountain.
  87. The doctor diagnoses the illness.
  88. The doctor treats the patient.
  89. The musician practices scales on the piano.
  90. The baker bakes fresh bread every day.
  91. The child asks a question to the teacher.
  92. The teacher teaches math.
  93. The chef chops vegetables for the recipe.
  94. The child plays with his toys.
  95. The scientist analyzes data in the lab.
  96. The police officer patrols the streets.
  97. The gardener prunes the bushes.
  98. The receptionist answers the phone.
  99. The writer edits the manuscript.
  100. The artist sketches a portrait.

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100 Examples of Verbs in Sentences

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