100 Examples of Intransitive Verbs in Sentences

Verbs are the backbone of language, and each one can be used in a variety of ways. Intransitive verbs are an important part of verb usage, and they can help create powerful and interesting sentences. In this article, we’ll explore 100 examples of intransitive verbs used in sentences to provide readers with a better understanding of how they can be utilized.

What are Intransitive Verbs?

Intransitive verbs are verbs that do not require a direct object to complete their meaning. They express an action, occurrence, or state of being that does not require any further action or object. Intransitive verbs are usually followed by adverbs, prepositions, or complements that provide more information about the verb itself.

Examples of intransitive verbs:

  1. “She danced.” – In this sentence, the verb “danced” does not require any direct object to complete its meaning. The sentence expresses the action of dancing without specifying what was danced.
  2. “He slept.” – In this sentence, the verb “slept” expresses a state of being without requiring any direct object. The sentence implies that the subject was in a state of sleep without specifying what the subject was sleeping on or with.
  3. “The flowers bloomed.” – In this sentence, the verb “bloomed” expresses an occurrence without requiring any direct object. The sentence implies that the flowers went through the process of blooming without specifying what caused the blooming.
  4. “They laughed.” – In this sentence, the verb “laughed” expresses an action without requiring any direct object. The sentence implies that the subject laughed without specifying what made them laugh.

In conclusion, intransitive verbs are those that do not require a direct object to complete their meaning. They express actions, occurrences, or states of being without specifying what was acted upon, occurred, or existed.

100 Examples of Intransitive Verbs in Sentences 1

100 Examples of Intransitive Verbs in Sentences

  1. I drove to work earlier today.
  2. The football flew through the air, caught by the receiver.
  3. She soared above her fears, daring to dream of a new tomorrow.
  4. The boat drifted lazily on the calm water, carried by the current.
  5. The airplane soared through the clouds.
  6. I wept over my broken dream.
  7. The grass grew tall and green in the springtime.
  8. The clouds drifted across the sky.
  9. The fireworks exploded in a shower of color.
  10. He skipped down the street like a child, laughing all the way..
  11. The volcano erupted with a deafening roar.
  12. We glided through life without any worries or troubles in sight.
  13. The leaves changed color in the autumn, turning shades of red and gold.
  14. The flowers bloomed in the garden.
  15. The car accelerated quickly down the road.
  16. I crept quietly so that no one would notice me.
  17. She panted after running up the stairs.
  18. She exclaimed in delight when she saw the gift.
  19. They arrived late to the party.
  20. We groaned when we got the bad news.
  21. The bird flew into the open sky, soaring on its wings.
  22. The fire burned brightly in the fireplace.
  23. The lion roared fiercely, warning its prey.
  24. They sprinted to catch their train on time.
  25. The rain poured down in a heavy downpour.
  26. He rolled his eyes in disbelief when he heard the news.
  27. The plane flew through the storm, buffeted by winds and rain.
  28. They snored loudly during the movie.
  29. They yawned during their boring lecture.
  30. The star twinkled in the night sky, shining brightly.
  31. She slept soundly last night.
  32. The rain stopped suddenly, leaving behind a fresh scent in the air.
  33. The sun set over the horizon, painting the sky with shades of pink and orange.
  34. They plodded along until they reached their destination.
  35. The clock ticked steadily, marking the passage of time.
  36. The wind howled through the trees.
  37. The birds chirped sweetly in the morning air.
  38. I sniffed his shirt to smell his scent.
  39. The water boiled on the stove.
  40. He sauntered into the room and greeted everyone with a smile.
  41. The fish swam gracefully through the water, gliding effortlessly.
  42. The river flowed swiftly downstream.
  43. I froze when I heard the news.
  44. He whispered her name as he passed by her desk.
  45. The tree swayed in the wind, its branches bending and stretching.
  46. The bird sang sweetly.
  47. They murmured quietly to each other during dinner.
  48. The music played softly in the background.
  49. We gasped when we saw the size of the fish.
  50. She floated away on a cloud of dreams and hopes for tomorrow’s future.
  51. He burped after drinking too much beer.
  52. She smiled when she saw her old friend.
  53. He laughed uproariously at his own joke.
  54. The butterfly fluttered through the garden, landing on a flower.
  55. The fire burned brightly in the fireplace.
  56. I drifted away into a peaceful sleep after a busy day.
  57. The baby cried loudly for its mother.
  58. We traveled around the world on a shoestring budget.
  59. The river flowed steadily downstream.
  60. They shivered from the cold on a winter night.
  61. The ship sailed across the ocean, carried by the wind and waves.
  62. The child laughed uncontrollably.
  63. The cat purred contentedly in its owner’s lap.
  64. The snow fell softly to the ground.
  65. The dog barked excitedly at its owner, begging for attention.
  66. The car skidded on the wet pavement, losing control for a moment.
  67. The basketball bounced off the backboard and into the net.
  68. She strolled through the forest in the hopes of finding something new.
  69. The airplane took off from the runway, rising into the sky.
  70. The plane flew over the mountains.
  71. He sat in his chair for hours, not moving a muscle.
  72. The bird chirped loudly, announcing its presence to the world.
  73. The cat slept peacefully on the windowsill.
  74. She moaned in pain when she injured her arm.
  75. The bike raced down the hill, picking up speed.
  76. The dog barked loudly.
  77. The airplane landed smoothly on the runway.
  78. We weaved our way through the busy street market, marveling at all the sights and sounds.
  79. The waves crashed against the shore, creating a soothing rhythm.
  80. The leaves rustled in the wind.
  81. The children laughed at the clown’s antics.
  82. We danced for joy when we heard the news.
  83. The snake slithered through the grass, searching for prey.
  84. I hopped onto the bus, eager to reach my destination as soon as possible.
  85. The leaves fell from the trees, covering the ground in a carpet of color.
  86. I sighed in relief when it was all over.
  87. The leaves rustled in the gentle breeze.
  88. She stumbled over her words during her speech.
  89. The snow melted under the warm sun, disappearing into the ground.
  90. The horse galloped across the field, its mane and tail flowing behind it.
  91. The train arrived at the station on time.
  92. The moon rose over the horizon, casting a soft glow over the landscape.
  93. The sun set in the west.
  94. The wind howled through the trees.
  95. He trembled when he spoke in front of the crowd.
  96. I cried for hours after my pet died.
  97. We walked through the park together hand-in-hand.
  98. We stood in awe of the beauty.
  99. The snow fell silently from the sky.
  100. They staggered out of the bar late at night, barely able to stand up straight.

List Of Intransitive Verbs

No, not all verbs are intransitive. Verbs can be intransitive, transitive, or linking. Here is a list of some common intransitive verbs:

  • Sleep
  • Walk
  • Run
  • Jump
  • Laugh
  • Cry
  • Sing
  • Dance
  • Smile
  • Swim
  • Fly
  • Talk
  • Appear
  • Disappear
  • Arrive
  • Depart
  • Die
  • Live
  • Exist
  • Sit
  • Stand
  • Rise
  • Fall
  • Remain
  • Belong
  • Occur
  • Happen

Intransitive verbs do not take an object, meaning they don’t have a direct object receiving the action of the verb. Instead, they usually describe an action or state of being that doesn’t require an object.


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