15 Sentences in Past Indefinite Tense

15 Sentences in Past Indefinite Tense! When learning a new language, one of the first things you need to learn is how to form sentences. In English, this involves learning how to use the correct verb tense. One common verb tense that students often have difficulty with is the past indefinite tense. This article will explain what the past indefinite tense is and provide some examples of how to use it correctly. Stay tuned for more helpful tips on learning English!

15 sentences in past indefinite tense

Below are 15 example sentences:

  1. We worked on our project until 10 o’clock last night.
  2. I had never seen that movie before.
  3. He earned some money yesterday.
  4. She walked to school yesterday.
  5. I didn’t see you yesterday.
  6. You talked to him yesterday, right?
  7. They never saw that movie before.
  8. We got home thirty minutes ago.
  9. She went to the mall last night;
  10. He is out of town now.
  11. I was in class yesterday.
  12. We only just got home.
  13. Tom arrived an hour ago.
  14. I waited for her at the station for three hours, but she didn’t come.
  15. You cooked dinner yesterday, didn’t you?