15 Examples of Intransitive verbs in Sentences

15 Examples of Intransitive verbs in Sentences15 Examples of Intransitive Verbs in Sentences

  1. Riots could explode at any time.
  2. Millions of tiny air sacs consist up the lungs.
  3. To watch my own misery, I cry myself laugh.
  4. In your mouth, let the cough drop melt.
  5. Are you able to float on your back?
  6. Adult mosquitoes with wings emerge from the pupae.
  7. Birds use their wings to fly.
  8. The approximate cost varies between £150 and £250.
  9. Those who live on hope will starve to death.
  10. His company was on the collapse of failing.
  11. Cowards die a lot before they die.
  12. You’ll cry before supper if you laugh before breakfast.
  13. I’m about to explode up!
  14. The fishing lines had become tangled to the point of impossibility.
  15. When reeds withstand the storm, oaks may fall.