5 Examples of Adjectives in Sentences

Here are five adjectives, their definitions, and three example sentences for each:

  1. Extravagant – spending money in a wasteful or excessive way
  • He lived an extravagant lifestyle, buying expensive cars and designer clothes.
  • The wedding was extravagant, with a lavish ceremony and reception.
  • She was criticized for her extravagant spending habits.
  1. Mysterious – difficult to understand or explain; enigmatic
  • The disappearance of the treasure remains mysterious to this day.
  • The old mansion had a mysterious atmosphere that made everyone feel uneasy.
  • The detective was intrigued by the mysterious clues he found at the crime scene.
  1. Ecstatic – feeling or showing great excitement or happiness
  • She was ecstatic when she received the job offer she had been waiting for.
  • The fans were ecstatic when their team won the championship game.
  • He was ecstatic about the surprise birthday party his friends threw for him.
  1. Scrumptious – delicious; very tasty
  • The chef prepared a scrumptious meal that everyone enjoyed.
  • The bakery has a wide selection of scrumptious pastries.
  • She took a bite of the scrumptious chocolate cake and savored the flavor.
  1. Eloquent – fluent or persuasive in speaking or writing
  • The speaker was very eloquent and held the audience’s attention throughout the entire presentation.
  • She wrote an eloquent essay that earned her an A+.
  • His eloquent words of apology were enough to make her forgive him.

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5 Examples of Adjectives in Sentences

5 Sentences of Adjectives:

  1. The delicious pizza is hot and fresh.
  2. The small puppy is adorable.
  3. The smooth silk feels soft to the touch.
  4. The cold winter wind makes us shiver.
  5. The quiet library is a great place to study.

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