100 Examples of Pronouns in Sentences

100 Examples of Pronouns in Sentences100 Examples of Pronouns in Sentences

  1. He weighs a bushel of corn and compares it to his own.
  2. If you command wisely, you will be cheerfully obeyed.
  3. The person who laughs the loudest is the person who laughs the most.
  4. He is wise and trustworthy.
  5. Bring a liar to me!
  6. He‘s well-off enough to have genuine friends.
  7. We quickly believe what we want.
  8. The first person to die is the one who has never been sick.
  9. You can put it off, but time will not wait for you.
  10. I was successful because I put my mind to it and never hesitated.
  11. But it‘s never too late to learn something new.
  12. If you grasp the nettle, it will not sting you.
  13. Don’t say anything until you‘re out of the woods.
  14. You must not put your own health at risk.
  15. The gods are enraged by whoever they destroy first.
  16. Whoever goes to bed thirsty is healthy when they wake up.
  17. My life will be undone if my honour is taken away from me.
  18. He is a year younger than me.
  19. She mingles with people from all walks of life.
  20. When they are in good health, fools never know.
  21. It’s too late to argue when guns speak.
  22. We saw the law where they saw chance.
  23. When the devil is pleased, he is good.
  24. We learn to go safely by falling.
  25. Seven lies are required to wait on one lie.
  26. The larger they are, the more difficult it is for them to fall.
  27. She gave a detailed account of the situation.
  28. I would be there if it weren’t for the grace of God.
  29. She left a day before he did.
  30. He handed me a list of their upcoming titles.
  31. She smacked him across the face.
  32. Before you put your faith in a friend, give him a chance.
  33. Sickness reveals our true nature.
  34. Whoever does not inquire learns nothing.
  35. Because of my own experience, I am able to learn from their mistakes.
  36. I won’t lie to you if you don’t ask me any questions.
  37. Fraudulent use of a credit card was charged against her.
  38. What we sow will be reaped.
  39. The golden era is still ahead of us, not behind us.
  40. Don’t start counting your chickens until they’ve all hatched.
  41. People generally quarrel because they are unable to reason with one another.
  42. When the poor are content, they are wealthy.
  43. It‘s never a good idea to startle a sleeping lion.
  44. You must toil for knowledge if you want it.
  45. He has no flaws because he is lifeless.
  46. We see all of love’s flaws when it fails.
  47. They have a good death and a good life.
  48. The master must serve his subjects.
  49. She snatched the boy from behind and dragged him away.
  50. Sickness reveals our true nature.
  51. I can’t be your friend and flatterer at the same time.
  52. Things are rarely as they appear.
  53. It is simple to prophesy after an event has occurred.
  54. What I’ve done is the result of careful consideration.
  55. We never forget what we learn with pleasure.
  56. Her sister and she are the same height.
  57. If you scratch me, I’ll scratch you.
  58. It is not how long we live that matters, but how we live.
  59. Wise men seek out the truth, whereas fools avoid it.
  60. Every day, she travels from Oxford to London.
  61. Before you sing it, learn to say it.
  62. I don’t say much, but I believe the more I say, the better.
  63. We are the only ones who can bring us down.
  64. If I have to choose between grief and nothing, I will choose grief.
  65. She was pushed to the limit of her endurance.
  66. Every mother believes her child is attractive.
  67. Even when bringing gifts, I am afraid of the Greeks.
  68. Once we arrive at the beach, we stop praying.
  69. Fools never realize how wealthy they are until it is too late.
  70. They will come if you build it.
  71. Prepare for war if you want to live in peace.
  72. I’m doomed. I believe I’m on my way to becoming a god.
  73. Hopeless grief, I tell you, is passionless.
  74. Misfortunes reveal our fortune.
  75. Those who have lived the longest must eventually die.
  76. When three people know everything, they know everything.
  77. We must not deceive ourselves and cry out, “God help us.”
  78. Take the world as it comes.
  79. That which does not kill us strengthens us.
  80. You can’t tell anything about a tree by looking at its bark.
  81. Not only in school, but also in everyday life, we learn.
  82. He is wealthy enough to owe no debts.
  83. Hopeless grief, I tell you, is passionless.