50 Examples of Adverbs of Place in Sentences

50 Examples of Adverbs of Place in Sentences50 Examples of Adverbs of Place in Sentences

  1. She left one day ahead of him.
  2. Misfortunes come on horseback and go away on foot.
  3. Francisco was staring ahead into the darkness.
  4. You ought to stay indoors with that heavy cold.
  5. Callum is downstairs. Should I bring him up?
  6. Ease down; there‘s a sharp bend ahead.
  7. I could hear someone creeping around downstairs.
  8. “Are you in charge here?” “That’s correct.”
  9. Going overseas again, eh? It’s a nice life for some!
  10. He suggests you leave here at once.
  11. I can hear somebody moving about upstairs.
  12. They still cut turf here for fuel.
  13. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
  14. When a friend asks, there is no tomorrow.
  15. Bring strawberry plants indoors for an early crop.
  16. Look straight ahead and you’ll see the post office.
  17. This book retails at $10 overseas.
  18. Wilde was emphatic that the event should go ahead.
  19. Moira walked upstairs to change her clothes.
  20. The elderly gentleman is a patriotic overseas Chinese.
  21. Come indoors, it’s cold outside.
  22. I went upstairs and had a shower.
  23. He was looking straight ahead.
  24. I made David my agent while I was abroad.
  25. You have your whole life ahead of you!
  26. He was dead on arrival at the nearby hospital.
  27. We will stop nearby for lunch.
  28. Her partially clothed body was found in the woods nearby.
  29. For everything, there is a season.
  30. How did you get here so quickly?
  31. I presume you’re here on business.
  32. She crept downstairs, quiet as a mouse.
  33. Eleanor went upstairs to say goodnight to the children.
  34. There is an oil refinery nearby.
  35. Diseases come on horseback, but go away on foot.
  36. He kept his gaze fixed on the car ahead.
  37. Evil comes to us by ells and goes away by inches.
  38. While or where there is life, there is hope.
  39. Salt water and absence wash away love.
  40. Should we take a pause here?
  41. Some nearby buildings sustained minor damage.
  42. Please wait for me downstairs in reception.
  43. The ship forged ahead under a favorable wind.
  44. The rain compelled us to stay indoors.
  45. You’re here because of me.
  46. She started working here last May.
  47. I could hear my father bumbling about downstairs.
  48. Don’t trifle away your time.
  49. There is nothing permanent except change.
  50. The road ahead is very busy.