50 Examples of Pronouns in Sentences

50 Examples of Pronouns in Sentences50 Examples of Pronouns in Sentences

  1. It is wise to be wary of the harm that other men may cause.
  2. I will be your friend, but not the friend of your vice.
  3. In the first fit, he who had never been sick before dies.
  4. There is hope as long as we breathe.
  5. Please include me in your plans.
  6. I‘ll roll my log while you roll yours.
  7. It‘s simple to do what we want.
  8. While you‘re healthy, research illness.
  9. He who repays evil with good is victorious.
  10. Love me deeply and for a long time.
  11. I didn’t understand what you were saying.
  12. Until you see me gathered, call me olive.
  13. Anyone who comes into contact with the pitch will be defiled.
  14. We are in the midst of life, but we are also in the midst of death.
  15. We learn to cause harm by doing nothing.
  16. It‘s impossible to have your cake and eat it.
  17. When we get to the bridge, let’s cross it.
  18. She combed her hair and applied lipstick to her lips.
  19. It is not how long we live that matters, but how we live.
  20. Save the satisfaction of knowing that your wishes are being fulfilled.
  21. While the iron is still hot, strike it.
  22. He who lends loses a friend when visiting Romedo, as Rome does.
  23. The hen fills her belly grain by grain.
  24. Accept things as they are (or are).
  25. The crow believes her own birds are the most beautiful.
  26. It is impossible to have one’s cake and eat it as well.
  27. She had spent the morning chatting with her pals.
  28. We are not born for ourselves if the shoe fits well.
  29. She possessed no maternal instincts.
  30. I‘m going to bed now. Greetings and good night.
  31. Old soldiers do not die; instead, they fade away.
  32. That was the most delicious ice cream soda I’d ever had.
  33. Those who thrive are those who get up at 5 a.m.
  34. We can’t get past danger if it doesn’t exist.
  35. Patience and perseverance will see us through.
  36. Without her hat, she felt undressed.
  37. Pigs may be able to fly, but they are not birds.
  38. Take my honor away from me, and my life will be over.
  39. Don’t do what I tell you to do; instead, do what I tell you to do.
  40. It is not true that all of our friends speak to us fairly.
  41. Virtue is (or should be) her (or its) own reward.
  42. Death liberates us from our afflictions.
  43. He lives a long and happy life.
  44. He who loses the moment loses everything.
  45. Whatever I do, I will do it to the best of my ability.
  46. We are going to die tomorrow. Eat, drink, and have a good time.
  47. It‘s impossible to touch the pitch without contaminating it.
  48. Those who sow their tears in joy will reap their harvest in joy.
  49. The fear of ills outnumbers the ills we are afraid of.
  50. If you grasp the nettle, it will not sting you.