15 Examples of Pronouns in Sentences

15 Examples of Pronouns in Sentences15 Examples of Pronouns in Sentences

  1. If you sell the cow, you should also sell her milk.
  2. The best performer is the one who is well-versed in his field.
  3. I don’t have any secrets to success other than hard work.
  4. The road map’s complexity perplexed me.
  5. I now understand that wars do not end.
  6. Bring a liar to me!
  7. The more hurried you are, the slower you will be.
  8. Before they can go, children must learn to creep.
  9. Do you know who your daughter is?
  10. She works for a corporation.
  11. Until a man is dead, do not call him happy.
  12. In our graves, we will all be the same.
  13. It‘s impossible to have your cake and eat it.
  14. Behind it, we can’t see what’s in the wallet.
  15. Fortune’s right hand is industry, and her left hand is frugality.