50 Examples of Intransitive verbs in Sentences

50 Examples of Intransitive verbs in Sentences50 Examples of Intransitive Verbs in Sentences

  1. Heaven will not fall, no matter what.
  2. He went for a gallop with the horse.
  3. I’m awaiting James’ arrival.
  4. My horse galloped out of nowhere.
  5. The bomb had been pre-programmed and was about to explode.
  6. On water, oil will float.
  7. When I’m chopping onions, I always cry.
  8. Cork has the ability to float in water.
  9. My memory will fade, but my heart will continue to beat.
  10. A stumble can help you avoid falling.
  11. Thomas Fuller Those who climb high are more likely to fall.
  12. Finally, the guests began to arrive.
  13. We all fade away like a leaf.
  14. The business is on the collapse of failing.
  15. His master’s pride was never without a fall.
  16. Love and cough are inextricably linked.
  17. God would have given us wings if he wanted us to fly.
  18. I only cost five pounds for this CD.
  19. His cough was almost gone.
  20. The horses all galloped at the same time.
  21. She is scheduled to arrive in New York at 12 p.m.
  22. You can’t exist solely on hope.
  23. Those who live the longest must eventually die.
  24. Pride goes a fall (or destruction).
  25. Tomorrow, I’ll fly to London.
  26. There was a lot of cry and very little wool.
  27. It’s impossible to hide love and a cough.
  28. Whether you fly or fail, at the very least you tried.
  29. With one eye, cry, and the other, laugh.
  30. The beginnings of a general pattern began to emerge.
  31. He had had enough of city life.
  32. Please make me a coke float.
  33. A faint, almost imperceptible cry was heard.
  34. You can feel your heart pounding after a fast run.
  35. Following the elections, opposition parties began to emerge.
  36. I will let go of what does not belong to me.
  37. You should go to the doctor about that cough.
  38. When did sociology become a distinct field of study?
  39. It’s preferable to die standing than to live kneeling.
  40. Pigs may be able to fly, but they are not birds.
  41. If the condition is not treated, it may become chronic.
  42. The roof collapsed due to the storm.
  43. When you cough, cover your mouth.
  44. Will the colour of this fabric fade over time?
  45. Ghosts, in my opinion, do not exist.
  46. Are you certain these documents belong in the same folder?
  47. To catch a trout, you must lose a fly.
  48. Flowers that have been cut will quickly fade.
  49. A bottle that is empty will float.
  50. We didn’t arrive as quickly as we had hoped.