100 Examples of Abstract Nouns in Sentences

Abstract nouns are words that describe intangible qualities, ideas, or states of being. They can be difficult to identify and understand because they cannot be experienced through the five senses. This article presents 100 examples of abstract nouns in sentences to help readers gain an understanding of how to identify and effectively use these words.

An abstract noun is a type of noun that refers to a concept, idea, quality, or state, rather than to a tangible object or physical thing. Abstract nouns are things that cannot be perceived through the five senses, such as emotions, thoughts, feelings, and attributes.

Examples of abstract nouns include love, happiness, courage, freedom, honesty, justice, kindness, wisdom, beauty, and knowledge. These are all concepts that cannot be touched, seen, heard, smelled, or tasted, but they are essential to human life and communication. Abstract nouns are often used in poetry, philosophy, and other forms of writing to convey deep emotions and ideas.

100 Examples of Abstract Nouns

  1. Patience
  2. Care
  3. Fear
  4. Movement
  5. Thought
  6. Goal
  7. Confusion
  8. Wit
  9. Divorce
  10. Rhythm
  11. Pain
  12. Growth
  13. Envy
  14. Clarity
  15. Sorrow
  16. Irritation
  17. Riches
  18. Marriage
  19. Gossip
  20. Luxuty
  21. Cleverness
  22. Frailty
  23. Pleasure
  24. Peace
  25. Joy
  26. Philosophy
  27. Slavery
  28. Justice
  29. Horror
  30. Appetite
  31. Success
  32. Failure
  33. Anger
  34. Generosity
  35. Joy
  36. Thrill
  37. Wealth
  38. Nap
  39. Trend
  40. Annoyance
  41. Beauty
  42. Solitude
  43. Luxury
  44. Brilliance
  45. Elegance
  46. Gain
  47. Loss
  48. Crime
  49. Idea
  50. Lie
  51. Belief
  52. Timing
  53. Stupidity
  54. Religion
  55. Coldness
  56. Kindness
  57. Bravery
  58. Happiness
  59. Sleep
  60. Awareness
  61. Religion
  62. Omen
  63. Company
  64. Goodness
  65. Loneliness
  66. Deceit
  67. Childhood
  68. Care
  69. Mercy
  70. Friendship
  71. Brilliance
  72. Wisdom
  73. Comfort
  74. Poverty
  75. Union
  76. Horror
  77. Disregard
  78. Truth
  79. Life
  80. Delay
  81. Fashion
  82. Luck
  83. Slavery
  84. Talent
  85. Love
  86. Speed
  87. Right
  88. Freedom
  89. Infancy
  90. Generation
  91. Hatred
  92. Advantage
  93. Dishonesty
  94. Disregard
  95. Fiction
  96. Ability
  97. Dream
  98. Calm
  99. Growth
  100. Riches

Examples of Abstract Nouns in Sentences

  1. She enjoys writing fiction stories.
  2. He has a fear of horror movies.
  3. Last night, I had a strange dream.
  4. Sometimes, luck is on our side.
  5. The movement for equality is growing.
  6. Everyone has the right to express their opinion.
  7. He spoke with clarity and precision.
  8. The birth of a child brings immense joy to parents.
  9. She took care of her sick grandmother.
  10. Wearing masks has become a trend during the pandemic.
  11. Faith and belief can bring comfort in difficult times.
  12. She felt deep sorrow after losing her dog.
  13. Winning the championship brought him a lot of joy.
  14. Sometimes, failure is a stepping stone to success.
  15. Many people were subjected to slavery in the past.
  16. He aspired to accumulate great riches.
  17. She follows the latest fashion trends.
  18. His success filled him with envy.
  19. She worked hard to achieve success in her career.
  20. He had a fear of public speaking.
  21. The union of two companies created a powerful force.
  22. They enjoyed the luxury of staying in a five-star hotel.
  23. Freedom is a fundamental right.
  24. Her generosity towards others earned her respect.
  25. He had a quick wit and made everyone laugh.
  26. Meditation brings a sense of peace.
  27. Hatred only leads to more hatred.
  28. Riding rollercoasters gives her a thrill.
  29. Her brilliance in science earned her a scholarship.
  30. She took great care of her garden.
  31. Accumulating wealth was his main goal.
  32. Religion provides a sense of belonging for many people.
  33. She went through a difficult divorce.
  34. His ultimate goal was to climb Mount Everest.
  35. Sometimes, stupidity can be dangerous.
  36. Her friendship meant a lot to me.
  37. He always acted with goodness and compassion.
  38. The rhythm of the music made her want to dance.
  39. Infancy is a time of rapid growth and development.
  40. He had a strong appetite for spicy food.
  41. Loneliness can be a difficult emotion to deal with.
  42. Enjoying the pleasure of a good book is a great way to relax.
  43. Love is a powerful and complex emotion.
  44. She appreciated the beauty of nature.
  45. The constant noise was a source of annoyance.
  46. His kindness towards others earned him many friends.
  47. Sometimes, taking a short nap can be refreshing.
  48. Her hard work resulted in a gain of ten pounds of muscle.
  49. He had a natural talent for playing the piano.
  50. Religion provides a sense of meaning and purpose for many people.
  51. Telling a lie can have serious consequences.
  52. Honesty and truth are important values to uphold.
  53. Solitude can be a time for reflection and growth.
  54. Justice should be applied fairly and equally to all.
  55. Bravery is needed to face difficult challenges.
  56. Taking deep breaths can help to promote a sense of calm.
  57. Childhood memories often remain with us for life.
  58. Confusion can be a frustrating feeling to experience.
  59. Each person has unique abilities and potential.
  60. Loss can be a painful experience to go through.
  61. Thought and reflection are important for personal growth.
  62. Personal growth is a lifelong journey.
  63. Cleverness and creativity can help to solve problems.
  64. Anger can be a powerful and overwhelming emotion.
  65. Watching horror movies can be thrilling for some people.
  66. Marriage is a sacred union between two people.
  67. Sometimes, delays can be frustrating.
  68. Philosophy can help us to understand the world around us.
  69. Each generation faces unique challenges.
  70. Wisdom comes from experience and reflection.
  71. Dishonesty and deceit can erode trust.
  72. Pursuing happiness is a common human goal.
  73. Coldness can make us feel uncomfortable.
  74. Poverty is a complex and difficult issue to address.
  75. Brilliance and creativity can be found in many fields.
  76. Getting a good night’s sleep is important for overall health.
  77. Awareness of our surroundings is important for safety.
  78. Having a good idea can lead to success.
  79. Slavery is a tragic part of human history.
  80. Personal growth requires effort and dedication.
  81. A good company can make any situation better.
  82. Certain sounds or behaviors can be sources of irritation.
  83. Taking advantage of opportunities is important for success.
  84. Showing mercy and forgiveness can be a sign of strength.
  85. Sometimes, speed is necessary to achieve a goal.
  86. Spreading gossip can hurt others and damage relationships.
  87. Committing a crime can have serious consequences.
  88. Feeling comfortable and secure is important for personal comfort.
  89. Frailty is a part of the human condition.
  90. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns.
  91. Practicing patience can help us to deal with difficult situations.
  92. Some people believe in omens and signs.
  93. Deceit can destroy relationships and trust.
  94. Elegance can be found in simple and subtle details.
  95. Courage is needed to face difficult situations with bravery.
  96. A sense of peace can be found in nature.
  97. Childhood memories are often filled with both joy and sorrow.
  98. It’s important to have a clear goal in mind when pursuing something.
  99. Sometimes, stupidity can lead to hilarious situations.
  100. Strong friendships can withstand the test of time.

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100 Examples of abstract nouns in Sentences

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