5 Examples of Abstract Nouns in Sentences

Here are 5 examples of the abstract nouns:

  1. Love:
  • She felt love for the stray dog she found on the street.
  • His love for music was evident in his collection of vinyl records.
  • They shared a deep love that had lasted for over fifty years.
  1. Freedom:
  • The birds flew with freedom in the open sky.
  • She fought for the freedom of speech and expression.
  • After years of oppression, the people finally gained their freedom.
  1. Justice:
  • The judge ensured justice was served for the victim of the crime.
  • The activists protested for justice and equality for all.
  • She believed in the principle of justice and fairness for everyone.
  1. Wisdom:
  • Her wisdom and experience helped her navigate difficult situations.
  • It takes wisdom to make good decisions and avoid making mistakes.
  1. Courage:
  • She summoned the courage to speak in front of a large audience.
  • The soldier showed immense courage on the battlefield.
  • It takes courage to face one’s fears and overcome them.

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5 Examples of abstract nouns in Sentences