15 Examples of Noun in Sentences

15 Examples of Noun in Sentences15 Examples of Noun in Sentences

  1. A development area has been established in the town.
  2. When you get home, put your fiddle away.
  3. Every dog has his own special day.
  4. John is proficient in French but not in history.
  5. That person is obstructing my view.
  6. The countryside comes alive in the spring.
  7. The countryside was a source of inspiration for both poets.
  8. The booking office is selling tickets.
  9. Lover’s quarrels end up renewing their love.
  10. At that town, these rivers converge.
  11. I wish we had access to a car.
  12. Bananas are a favorite banana of the monkey.
  13. Go in search of wool and return home shorn.
  14. The surrounding countryside is beautiful.
  15. Home is the only place that can compare to it.